Qualcomm still on course for launch of ultrafast 5G mobile broadband


Qualcomm is still on course for the launch of its ultrafast 5G mobile broadband and have trialled the system as they promised back in 2016 and they haven’t looked like slowing down at all with investments of $200 million to help companies building the ecosystem for 5g. This looks very exciting for business and in particular VoIP that is opening new channels of business opportunity with increased frequency.

What is 5g mobile broadband and how can business take advantage?

As the name suggests, it is the fifth generation of mobile internet and represents a huge leap forward in speed and reliability as well as core stability. At the lower end of its business use, it will reduce the lag you experience will playing and streaming online. At it’s peak, it will literally save lives in the form of computer systems that will allow cars to break quickly and communicate with each other. The future of 5g will improve surveillance services almost unbelievably. We will look at the poor resolution images of surveillance cameras in ten years time and ask ourselves ‘how on Earth did we live without 5g?’.

How fast is 5g mobile broadband?

Seriously fast. To quantify that, it’s said that 5g will be 100 times faster than 4g. In real terms for the average home, this means you’ll stream live tv with zero lag, you’ll stream a 4k film in seconds, it’s going to open up another level of digital service and quality and while I don’t think it’s as ground breaking as going from dial up to 1mb broadband, it’s pretty close.┬áThe statement assumes we don’t find new uses for the lightening speed broadband. It might be that we don’t even know how to comprehend the movement of 5g yet. Exciting isn’t it?

Are iPhone and Samsung mobiles 5g ready?

Samsung fired the first volley selling phones that are now 5g ready whereas Apple seem to feel it made more sense to hold the tech back in hopes of bumper sales in 2020 this year. Let’s be clear, most nerds like me buy every single iPhone, I bought the iPhone 11 Max Pro and reviewed it a few days ago. This phone is not 5g ready and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be queuing up for hours to get a 5g phone the minute it gets released. This will be the same for all Apple maniacs like me I am quite sure (and there’s plenty of us!).

What can I programme at home with 5g?

It’s going to open up all kinds of robotic tech options. The sheer speed will allow incredible advancement of simple tech at home. I can’t wait to get stuck in with a Raspberry Pi kit and make myself a home video streaming solution and I may try to make a robot with camera vision and test my own robotic hoover. With the speed of 5g being insane, it’s never been a better time to invest a few hours making my own little rig and I’ll certainly look to update that as we go on.