May Kongpia

A tech nerd with a bachelor degree in Computer Science from I actively contribute to the wordpress community sharing through
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What has been done to prevent another ‘heartbleed’ vulnerability?

What is the ‘Heartbleed’ vulnerability? The heartbleed vulnerability was discovered in April 2014 and sent a wave of panic through the internet, especially large web...

Will They Ever be Able to Block Pirate Bay Fully?

Pirate Bay’s Origins and History The Pirate Bay bit torrent site was originally founded by three Swedes- Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, and Gottfrid Svartholm in...

Has whatsapp fixed the paypal google account ssl vulnerability yet?

What is ‘Whatsapp?’ Whatsapp is a free service that allows users to send instant messages, stickers, photos and videos, play games, and make audio and...

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