What does Brexit mean for a single EU telecoms market and 5g?


You’ll probably remember pre-Brexit discussions were in place that showed promise for a single EU telecoms market. You have to question though, in a time where we complain about monopoly, what possible good could come from a single EU telecoms market? Suppose you may argue that resources to build the 5g eco-system could be pooled.

You’ll probably remember back in 2013 when plans for a single telecoms market swept the EU and this was re-affirmed a 2018 update that a single telecoms market was needed to create jobs. Since then though, with Britain’s decisions to leave the EU we took no further part in these negotiations.

How would the UK participate in this now?

Well that’s the question that very much relies on the trade deal that Boris can negotiate with Europe I suspect. So there’s not much point speculating beyond the fact that UK citizens will need to use mobiles abroad and therefore we have a horse in the race so to speak. This is very much wait and see mode.

When will 5g arrive all over Europe and will they beat the UK?

With Qualcomm still on course to deliver ultrafast 5G mobile broadband in the news, it’s rather exciting and not the kind of thing the UK or Europe want to miss out on. We need to workout a clear deal with Europe to ensure we are competitive and do well on the tech front. You would have to reasonably assume the UK will make it to mobile 5g before Europe simply down to the sheer logistical nightmare of handling such a large scale project in Europe. That’s not to say it’ll be easy in the UK but EE are making great leaps with 6 new cities now 5g enabled.

Would a single telecom market have been dangerous for the UK business using 5g and VoIP?

In my opinion absolutely yes, for example, what if the EU ruled VoIP Phones are no longer legal or they placed extra tariffs on an otherwise cheap method of communication? This would have huge constraints on UK business that already take advantage of VoIP. Given some of the sensible rules Boris Johnson has been making and his common sense policy, I highly doubt he would do anything to scupper UK business and therefore I feel much safer with policy in our personal control.

So from my personal opinion Brexit has done us a favour and we can worry about our own 5g concerns. After all wasn’t that what exiting Europe all about? Making our own rules and looking after ourselves rather than everyone else first?

What do you think? Please pop me a comment if you agree or disagree.