Mac OS vs Windows Vista OS: who’s best and most secure ten years on


Back in 2009 Windows Vista’s security was touted as better than that of the Mac OS. How things have changed over the last decade. As we fast forward ten years Mac is known only for reliability and extremely tough to crack software. So much so, the FBI government tried to take out an injunction that put a back door in Apples iPhones. Amazingly, and frankly, if the FBI can’t get you then it’s reasonable to assume the security is absolutely first class. I certainly feel like my data is safe and this particular did wonders for Apple’s security credibility in my humble opinion.

Further to this in 2012 it was claimed that Apple were part of NSA surveillance programme. You have to question however, if the American Gov already had all this access why they then needed help to get into Farook’s phone in 2015. To me there seems to be inconsistencies in the evidence and so worth a write up. It makes no sense that you have access but then need a court order to get help to access. Somewhat puzzling and leaves me feeling very safe with my iPhone 11 Max Pro reviewed as the best phone ever.

So which is more secure – Mac OS or Windows?

This is a debate that runs hot and will probably never end! You have two stances, one bias toward Mac and the other windows. As I’ve already honestly pointed out I am a Mac addict but I try not to let that get the better of my unbiased reports. So in this debate my stance is that both Mac and Windows OS have incredible malware safety features now and you are far more likely to get a virus using a Windows computer but not because it’s less secure, but more because there are far less malware programs for Mac OS than windows. So by numbers it ‘technically’ makes Mac more secure in my opinion.

Let’s be honest, all that really matters is the bottom line and it appears less Mac OS users take malware hits than Windows users, so irrespective of the actual security itself, in real genuine terms, you are far less likely to be attacked by malware. That said, I genuinely believe that Windows OS is as secure as it’s ever been. Due to the sheer number of malware and Trojans out there these days, Windows has had to really work hard to protect its users and has done so credibly.

So, next time you’re thinking about buying a new computer or phone and you’re sitting on the fence because of security, I would say that 2020 is a year when you can put the fears of malware as a secondary consideration and pick the style you prefer because both offer excellent security features keeping your personal details and importantly financial information safe as it possibly can be.