Youtube to mp3: converter and download options

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There’s no denying that YouTube is the biggest media platform in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an educational ted talk, a documentary, movie trailers and clips, or even just catching up on the latest song releases, Youtube has you covered.
In fact the only downside to youtube (apart from the ads) is that it is online and requires an internet connection. Sure, that’s no problem when you’re at home or ina coffee shop as wifi is readily available but there are times such as when you are travelling on a bus, train, or plane and you can’t get a signal.

It’s for times like these that you need a youtube converter or downloader so that you can take your favourite videos (as long as you have permission to do so) anywhere you like.
These programs are far from rare, in fact there are so many to choose from it can be hard to make a decision on one. There are Youtube converters that you install on your computer, youtube downloader apps for your smartphone and tablet, and even websites such as keepvid that you can visit to convert Youtube videos into a wide range of formats without the need to download any program.

However some of the options available aren’t as good as others and you might find that your file size or file type options are limited, or that you have to navigate through ads and pop up pages and other annoying things and you might not want to make one from a Raspberry Pi yourself.
To help clear things up, we’ve put together a list of the best Youtube converter and downloader options out there and featured them here for you.

1. Converto
If you are looking for the simplest way to convert Youtube videos to MP3 or MP4, then Converto might be the right choice for you. some people use TOR to download youtube videos and then convert from there.

Although it doesn’t have all the extra features that you find on some other downloadable converters, it also doesn’t have the downfalls of them either. There is no software to download, so that means no extras bundled in, and no adware either.

All you have to do is visit the site, copy and paste the Youtube video link, select the format you would like, and that’s it. 
The video download speed is fast, as long as you have a decent connection, and there are varying video qualities to choose from.
This is a great, no frills, no hassle option for straight up converting from youtube. The only drawback I can see is that there are some videos such as playlists that I had problems with.

2. 4K YouTube to MP3
Sometimes, all you are after is the audio in MP3 format, such as with songs from music videos or soundtracks. With this Youtube converter you get a program that is dedicated to just that-audio only and the downloads really quick because it’s stored in cloud.

Obviously this speeds up the downloads to lightning fast even if you are going for the highest quality, and this program isn’t just limited to Youtube. You can also download from many other popular sites such as Vimeo and Soundcloud.

There is also a separate 4K video downloader program available from the same company which works equally as well.

3. Free Youtube to MP3 Converter
Yes, that’s right, a free Youtube to Mp3 converter called…’Free Youtube to MP3 converter’. Genius.

Let’s start by getting the only fault I can pick with this program out of the way- the interface. It just feels very basic and a bit dated, but saying that, it is easy to use.

Don’t let that minor fault put you off though, this is a great product that has some very handy features such as being able to queue multiple files for conversion and the program will just work through them automatically.

4. Any video converter (free version)
Any video converter is available for both Pc and Mac and is an outstanding program. 
Able to take videos from a wide range of websites and convert them into pretty much any format and quality you can think of, Any video converter is a serious piece of kit.

It can also RIP from and burn to discs, and extract audio from video files.
This program uses HEVC coding which ensures that you get the highest quality images on your videos and can even download 4K quality resolution videos.

Batch downloading is also a feature of this Youtube converter/downloader so you can add multiple videos and leave them to download.
Unfortunately this software comes bundled with other stuff so be careful when downloading. Apart from that, this is a very good option.

5. Kastor All Video Downloader
This video downloader is packed with features not commonly found on other programs. 
For instance, the Kastor All Video Downloader has a search feature that allows you to look for videos straight from the program and negates the need for visiting google or Youtube.

Not only can you search for videos without opening your browser, but also watch them before downloading too, all direct from the program.
This isn’t just a Youtube converter and downloader, it can be used on nearly 200 different sites, including some adult video sites.

Download speeds are very impressive on this program, and you can run up to 20 downloads at the same time, although this will slow things down somewhat.

All in all, a great program with impressive features and a wide range of supported formats.

So, there you have it. Our picks for the top 5 Youtube converter and download options available at the present time.
We tried to get a bit of variety in our list, from the simplest programs and websites, to feature packed converters, and we hope that we have done a good job of that.

New Youtube converters are being released all the time and we will update this list as time goes on, so please pop back from time to time to see if there are any changes and all that’s left is to use your android box to watch your new files!