The Nokia 105 dual sim phone is still an absolute bargain


The Nokia 105 black Dual SIM unlocked that was introduced in 2017 proves to be an immensely popular phone despite the advancement of smart phones on a budget too. With the Nokia 105 Dual SIM phone unlocked costing twenty quid and being not too far away from the range of smartphones makes it pretty impressive they are so popular. We should take a look at why.

Well to start off, you can get a smartphone for just £30 with a top-up from Tesco. So it’s not the price that’s pulling people at the Nokia alone. You have to look closer at the demographic behind the surge in sales and the features on offer with this little gem.

The Nokia105 dual sim instructions are just so easy

For a start, the Nokia 105 Dual SIM instructions on this pdf are just so easy to follow. Quite frankly, without insulting anyone, it’s incredible they made a mobile phone with icons and interaction that even my nan would handle with ease. It’s probably more straightforward than her old dial phones.

It’s seriously durable

You can’t knock the Nokia 105 Dual SIM on price to value ratio either. It is really well built and you can drop one without breaking it. Not least of all, even if you do break it, you don’t panic like a brand new £1200 iPhone.

I couldn’t think of anything worse than buying the new iPhone and breaking the screen weeks after purchase (which is exactly what I did), to be told by Apple the screen would cost a third of the price of the phone to replace (yes feels criminal doesn’t it to pay that much for a piece of glass that probably costs ten pence in raw material).

It’s the features on this little baby too

If you look at the price, it’s a steal. The thing holds well in your hand, you can switch sims, it has 15 hours talk time which matches any top end phone. Ok the screens not much but the pads nice to touch and certainly won’t leave you feeling rubbish every time you need to send a text.

If you look closely at the pad, it’s one of those really easy to handle keypads that you expect of a phone designed for those that are not quite so nimble.

Could they improve the Nokia 105 dual sim phone?

Well, with any budget phone you are getting what you pay for but there are a couple of things that I am certain wouldn’t cost much and would make a big difference. Firstly, why not have a good selection of ring tones. I can’t see the problem with making this improvement and again, I am not sure of the constraints of the memory, but predictive text would make a big difference for anyone that wants a budget phone and likes to text a lot.

Remember, texts cost a great deal less than long winded phone calls and this phones all about economy!

To round off this little bit of kit I would say that you can’t go wrong, you don’t need to worry about it breaking, in fact it’s robust and well built but could do with a couple of little improvements that would easily see this phone being popular for many years to come.