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PostgreSQL vs MySQL News: What Are The Differences Between These Databases?



PostgreSQL and My SQL are both Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and also both extremely popular, with the likes of Apple, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp using PostgreSQL, and Tesla, YouTube, and Facebook opting to use MySQL instead. Some VoIP Phone services rely on these databases too.

These RDBMS have quite a few things in common, especially since improvements to recent versions have narrowed the gap between the two when it comes to performance, but there are differences that you should know about.

The intent behind this article to highlight these differences in a clear and easy understand way and well try to stay away from getting overly technical so that everyone can follow along no matter their level of understanding.

PostgreSQL vs MySQL- General performance

As we already mentioned, recent developments have helped to balance out the performance of these RDBMS. However, there is a reason why a lot of tech giants use PostgreSQL over its competitor and it’s because it can handle complex inquiries better due to higher write speeds.
MySQL is more commonly used for websites and other such projects and has faster read speeds, and some would say is just faster in general. MySQL is popular for a number of reasons, not least the fact that it is easy to set up and doesn’t need a lot of expertise to get the most out of it.


PostgreSQL vs MySQL- compliance

This is one area where PostgreSQL definitely outshines MySQL as it meets around 90% of the SQL standard. This actually makes it an exception as a lot of other implementations are only partially compliant, including MySQL. Having high standards compliancy means it is easier to easier to work with another SQL server of a different type.

Some companies are required to have a RDBMS that complies with the standard for various reasons and so PostgreSQL is what they go for, but for general web applications, it is not necessary to have high compliance.


PostgreSQL vs MySQL- Data security

Both of these RDBMS offer a high level of security and both can use cloud. MySQL in particular comes with a whole host of built in security features to help keep your data safe. Likewise, PostgreSQL has its own security enhancements such as additional access controls called SE-PostgreSQL which is based on SE-Linux security policy.


PostgreSQL vs MySQL- Reliability

Again, PostgreSQL comes out on top here, mainly because it is ACID compliant (ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability). Basically, it means there is less risk of error because of improved data integrity.
MySQL on the other hand, isn’t ACID compliant but it does have other advantages such as being easy to use with open source code and various plug-ins.


PostgreSQL vs MySQL- Community and support

MySQL has a very large community so it is easier to find advice and information about it. There are lots of forums, websites, and YouTube videos for troubleshooting and learning. Also, because of its popularity, third party tools are readily available online for free.
PostgreSQL isn’t as widely used as MySQL but still has a dedicated community who are constantly trying to advance the features of the RDBMS.


PostgreSQL vs MySQL- Summary

Both of these RDBMS are great at what they do and what they are intended for and it really does just come down to a mix of personal choice and what kind of project you’re working now and where you see that project leading into the future.

If you need something to handle read heavy workflows, then MySQl is probably the better choice. However, if you’re going to be using advanced data types, you might be better off using PostgreSQL as your RDBMS.


What is TOR? The complete guide to TOR


What is TOR?

The complete guide to TOR

You may have heard people talking about TOR, especially since the revelations about the NSA’s monitoring of people’s internet activity. You’ve probably worked out that it has something to do with internet security but are still a little in the dark about just exactly what it is.
In this article we will explain everything you need to know about TOR, its origins and history, what it is, and how it works, so you can decide for yourself if it is something that you would like to pursue and use for yourself.

How did TOR start?

TOR has its origins in a program run by the US Naval research laboratory in the 1990s. Its purpose was to keep online US intelligence communications protected from tracking, eavesdropping and interception by foreign intelligence agencies.
Another US agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects) then took over the development of this project in 1997.
Years later, in 2002, a version of this software and network was released to the public.

What is TOR and how does it work?

TOR is an acronym for The Onion Router and is a way for people to communicate over the internet anonymously. A combination of software and a network, it is called Onion Routing because of the way the system works.

When a communication is sent via TOR it enters a network of nodes, also called onion routers or TOR relays. When it reaches the first node, a layer of the encryption data is removed and this reveals the next relay to which the information will travel to. This goes on and on, with each onion router revealing the next destination until finally the communication reaches its intended target. With layer by layer being ‘peeled’ away, it is somewhat like peeling an onion, hence the name.

This system offers people a good level of anonymity because each relay only knows the location of the relays before and after it, so it is extremely difficult to track communications through TOR, although it is still possible.

Who uses TOR?

The simple answer is- anyone who wants to remain anonymous. This could be for genuinely honest reasons like just wanting to feel your information is protected and out of the hands of advertisers and nosey government spies.

However, the anonymity that TOR provides has been, and still is being used by criminal elements to engage in illegal activity such as hacking into Scada. Drug and arms traffickers, nasty websites, and terrorist organisations all use TOR to communicate in secrecy, so there is a dark side to it all.

Should you use TOR?

If you’re an average internet user who goes on social media, chats with friends, watches videos on YouTube, and sends tweets, then I can’t really see any reason for you to use TOR, you certainly don’t need one for an android box with 4g coverage. You would only use TOR with a Raspberry Pi to download illegal software and content but we know that doesn’t happen!

In fact, because of the way the inscription works, TOR is actually slower than browsing and communicating normally, especially with complex files such as video and audio.
A good alternative to TOR that offers you some extra security but without the downsides of The Onion Router, is to use a VPN instead. 
In the end it’s a personal choice, and if you really feel that you need to be anonymous TOR can provide that, just be ready for a slower performance.

We hope that this article has helped shine some light on the TOR subject for you and left you with a better idea of what it’s all about. Please feel free to browse our site and read other computer and technology articles that we have written and included on here for you.

Android TV rises from the ashes of Google TV Logitech Split


Some eight years after Logitech and Google parted ways there is a new player in the digital TV scene. From the ashes Android TV has risen and is now a hugely popular way of watching your favourite platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. Google being the behemoth that it is, has found a way to make the digital TV scene work for them in style and I want to discuss what that means for you in your home.

What is the best android tv box?

The great thing about the best android TV box conundrum is the sheer availability of them. My favourite from the link provided is probably the T95 MAX Android TV BOX. For just £24 at the time of writing you get all the cool stuff from digital TV with well thought out Operating systems and reliability. Incredible bit of kit really for the money. You can stream films with ease and the software is very easy to use.

It’s not all good news though, if I compared this to the Apple TV I would still go with Apple just because I am completely addicted to their products and would have no problem spending the extra money. While it produces great viewing experiences, I can’t help but feel like it’s a work in progress.

The benefits of an Android TV Box

Interestingly, I really love the built in Chromecast, you can easily cast photos, videos, or any media you want from your Samsung or your best Nokia phone device straight to the TV. This makes for a very easy user experience and with Google Assistant now part of the package it’s a quickly evolving product.

Android TV box for the UK market

Where Logitech and Google failed to get things going, the Android TV has absolutely flown in the UK and with the country looking at rolling out 5G it’s never been a better time to use digital TV. You can even stream from your phone now with zero delays even if you don’t have Wi-Fi via your broadband with 4g coverage alone. The UK absolutely loves both Apple and Android and their dominance in the digital media scene is set to continue from strength to strength.

If I could argue any weakness at all it would be that anyone tech savvy like myself would realise these Android TV boxes are merely a little computer running the Android operating system. I could probably cobble this together in a few hours making an android tv box with a Raspberry Pi Starter kit. I’m not saying there’s much benefit as a kit will probably cost more than the typical box, but still, it’s not groundbreaking hardware, it’s the operating system that makes Google TV special.

In conclusion, Logitech was the beginning of a progression in the digital TV scene for Google and they continue to gain in strength and popularity in the UK and all over the world for that matter.

Searching for the best Android TV box: Top reviews and tips


What is an Android TV box?

You’ve probably heard friends and family talking about their Android TV boxes and how they’re the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to watching shows, movies, and just about anything else you can think of for free.

Of course, this all sounds great and you’d really like to get your hands on one of these handy little devices, but perhaps you’re not exactly sure what they are, what they do, or how they work, and you’re not alone.

Basically, an Android TV box is a device that plugs into your television and essentially turns it into a smart TV. This allows you to stream movies and shows, install apps from Google play store, play games, and perform other tasks that you would normally need a computer for. You can run an Android box off standard wi-Fi or 4G.

Best Android TV box reviews

There are lots of different models available these days with various features and hardware specifications and it can all be a bit confusing. To clear things up a little we have included a buyer’s guide at the bottom of this page that should help you understand your options a bit better.

In addition to that, to make things even easier, we have taken the time to review the products we think are the best Android TV boxes (UK) for you.

Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote

Our number 1 pick for the best Android TV box has to go to the Nvidia SHIELD.

Priced at £158.39 on Amazon at the time of writing, it is definitely at the higher end of the price range but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Nvidia are one of, if not the biggest designers of graphic processing chips in the world with their Geforce graphics cards being the go-to for many PC users since the 90’s. With this pedigree, it is not surprising that the Nvidia SHIELD produces the smoothest and fastest streaming I’ve ever experienced with an Android box.

The image quality you get with the SHIELD is also top drawer, both with TV and game graphics. Whether you’re watching your favourite shows or movies in 4K HDR or being dazzled by HD 1080p, the crispness of what you see on the screen is only held back by what your actual TV set can handle and not by the limitations of this Android box’s hardware and software. One amazing feature that this Android box has is the ability to upscale the resolution of HD images to 4K using AI, and this is all done in real time. To my knowledge there is no other box out there with this capability, and in my opinion, it goes a long way towards justifying the higher than usual price tag.

There’s no point having great images without the sounds to back them up and thankfully, Nvidia have got you covered again. Dolby digital, Dolby digital plus, and Dolby Atmos are all there for you to choose from, as is DTS-X surround if you use a HDMI. Paired with a good set of speakers, you can get incredible sounds to help fully immerse you in whatever you are doing.

If you have kids, or are a keen gamer yourself, then there simply isn’t a better box to buy than the Nvidia SHIELD. With the latest Geforce NOW game streaming service incorporated into the device, a free proper game controller, the NVIDIA® Tegra® X1+ processor with a 256-core NVIDIA GPU, and 2 GB DDR4 SD RAM, you get the best possible gaming experience available from one of these devices. That means no more annoying frame rate issues arising at critical points in your game.

The box itself is nice and compact and weighs just under 250g. There is an Ethernet port plus 2 USB3 ports so you can use an external hard drive if the internal 16 GB gets full.

This Android box uses the proper Android 8.0 operating system and not some altered version of it that is common in cheaper models and this makes for a smooth interface and easy access to Apps from Google cast, with no compatibility problems. The SHIELD is also compatible with the newest version of Kodi.

As an extra bonus, this excellent Android TV box comes with Google assistant voice control and can also be used with Alexa. The voice control can be activated through the built in microphone on the well-designed remote control that comes with the box.

I could honestly rave about the Nvidia SHIELD all day but this review is already getting a bit long so I’ll bring it to an end by simply saying that no Android TV box has impressed me as much as this one, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who spends a decent amount of time in front of their TV.

T95 Max Android 9.0 TV Box

If you’re looking for a good all round Android box without breaking the bank, then the T95 Max might be the product for you.

Specifications for this unit are impressive. It sports an ARM H6 quad core 64 bit CPU ‘brain’ and 4GB RAM to keep all the functions running rapidly and smoothly.

4GB DDR3 RAM is impressive for an Android TV box in this price range and you can certainly tell the difference in performance when you stack the T95 max up against other models that cost the same. It’s especially noticeable when flicking from app to app and the general responsiveness of the interface beats a lot of its competitors.

The sharpness of the images also impressed me, as I wasn’t expecting an Android TV box that cost me just over 35 quid to quite so on point in this department. The T95 max can support both 4K and the latest and greatest of screen resolutions- 6K. Of course, you still have to have a TV that can handle 6K, but it’s nice to have the option. If you’re a fan of 3D movies, you’ll be happy to know that this model supports that too.

On to the box itself. This device is small and thin, measuring 10.5 cm squared and standing just 2 cm tall. However there are plenty of ports situated on the main box such as HDMI, 2 USB ports, a SPDIF port, one for a TF card, 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi and one RJ45 Ethernet connector port. There is no Bluetooth function on this device.

The remote that comes with the T95 Max Android TV box isn’t the best, the plastic feels a bit cheap and there aren’t a great deal of functions. This isn’t the end of the world though as you can pick up better 2.4GHZ remotes for these devices for very little money.

One thing that did annoy me was the beeping noise that accompanied my selections on the screen and I couldn’t find a way to turn it off.

Like most of the modern versions of these devices, this model can handle a long list of file types that are just too numerous to list here, but it’s safe to say that you’d be hard pressed to find a format that this box can’t handle.

Android 9.0 is the preinstalled operating system (but I think it is a reworked version and not Android proper) and it also comes with KD player which is a type of Kodi running on version 18.1. I have to say that I could not get my box to connect to the Google home hub, but that could be for a number of reasons and I didn’t really spend any time trying to find a work around.

The T95 Max Android TV box isn’t without its faults, and all models at this price point have their fair share, but the speed and seamlessness of the interface more than makes up for it.

Sidiwen Android 9.0 TV Box

The Sidiwen Android TV box is another good low cost option for those of you who don’t want to spend too much on their device.

On paper, the Sidiwen has very similar specs to the T95 max using a H6 quad core cortex CPU backed up with 4GB DDR3 RAM and 64GB Rom. This set up, along with the latest version of Android 9.0 helps to make navigating the interface a trouble free experience and allows the streaming of movies and games without annoying freezing or buffering issues arising.

The large amount of ROM means that you can download and store a whole host of apps, shows and other programs on the device without it slowing down performance. The box comes with a few apps preinstalled such as Netflix and others, and using the Google play store went by without any complications.

Like the T95 max, this Android TV box delivers on crystal clear images and supports 4K and 6K resolution giving you an ultra-high definition picture with mind boggling clarity and realism.

This is a good thing if you like playing mobile games because using Air-play or Miracast will bring up your favourite game up onto the TV screen for a more enriched gaming experience, using your smart phone as a game controller.

The Sidiwen Andoid TV box is compact and lightweight and weighs only 191 grams. It features an LED strobe that illuminates when it’s switched on which is a simple yet nice little touch.

There is a USB 3.0 port and also a USB 2.0 so you can watch movies from an external source or use an external hard drive for storing your favourite shows. You can also plug in a mouse, game controller, or keyboard using these same ports.

One thing I wasn’t happy about was that the power cable for this Android TV box is very short so you will have to plan where you place it or invest in an extension lead if your wall sockets are far from the TV itself.

Another issue is one that is very common with lower priced Android TV boxes and that is the quality of the remote that comes with them. Whilst the Sidiwen remote isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen, it certainly isn’t the best either and is probably on par with the T95 Max so I would suggest purchasing a superior one or using a mouse.

The Sidiwen will support all the main formats for viewing photos, documents, watching movies, and listening to music, and also supports multiple subtitle formats too.

If you are interested in this particular model, I would advise using an Ethernet cable to connect to internet as I had a few problems with the wifi signal dipping from time to time. Once the Ethernet was connected though, there were no further problems and the Siriwen ran fast and smoothly.

to sum up, if you are looking for a flawless Android TV box, you will have to pay a lot more than the price tag for this model. However, if you are happy to invest in a mouse to get around the less than perfect remote and you don’t mind a few minor faults, the Siriwen Android TV box is a good purchase to make.

Turewell T9 Android TV BOX

With a 64GB quad core CPU and 4GB DDR3 RAM, the Turewell Android TV box is similar in performance to both the T95 Max and Siriwen devices. Although at 32GB the ROM in this Turewell model is half of its closest competitors, it does sport some features that are not found on either the T95 or the Siriwen.

For instance, the Turewell T9 has Bluetooth 4.1 built in giving you more choices when it comes to connectivity, such as when using Bluetooth speakers. It also has 2.4 GHZ wifi and has been built to support 5G which is important as we will all be using it in the very near future.

To save on precious bandwidth, the T9 Android TV box uses H.265 decoding. This is about 50% more effective than using H.264 decoding and helps to give a seamless viewing experience without buffering, even with lower internet speeds.

The T9 supports 4K resolution and produces very sharp images for both TV and game graphics and there is hardware for 3D graphic acceleration. However, there were some apps that I had problems getting the 4K to work on though there are probably some work around solutions if you spend a bit of time online researching.

Wireless keyboards, mouse, game controllers and more can all be connected to this Android TV box via various methods such as Bluetooth or USB 3.0. You can also increase your storage space by inserting a TF card (up to 64GB). I would definitely suggest that you purchase a Bluetooth keyboard and wireless mouse as, again, the remote isn’t up to much and can actually get frustrating to use.

The Turewell T9 supports all common formats for images, photos, movies, subtitles and Audio and has multiple language options. There are also support for JPEG effects such as thumbnail, rotation and scaling.

With this Android Tv box it is possible to connect to the Google play store with your normal Google sign in ID and you’ll have full access to all its content, though some apps might not be compatible without some ‘tinkering’ which is a common drawback of these kinds of devices.

All in all the Turewell T9 is among the best in its price range with some good connectivity options for add-ons and accessories.

Best Android TV Box Buyers Guide & Tips

So, you’ve been looking online at Android TV boxes and are a little confused about all the terms and what they actually mean. Well, here we have included a list of the most common terms with clear explanations of them. Let’s begin.


A CPU is the central processing unit found in any computer. Think of it as the brain of the system. Its job is to handle all the instructions that it receives from a computer program such as an app.

Obviously this is very important so you want to get an Android box that has a fast CPU. CPU speeds are described in gigahertz or GHz for short. The higher the number you see before the GHz, the faster the CPU.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and except for the CPU, it is probably the most important piece of hardware when it comes to performance of an Android TV box.

RAM is a type of memory that stores important things temporarily to help everything run smoothly and speed up the overall working of your device.

When looking for a fast Android TV box, you ideally want a device that has 4GB of DDR3 RAM. You could even make sure you have the Right DDR3 Ram by making one yourself from a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit.


Read Only Memory (ROM) is different to RAM and is used for storing programs and firmware (firmware is software that controls the device’s hardware at a low level). The more ROM you have the better your system will run as it will not be bogged down.

HD, 4K, 6K,

HD stands for high definition and it refers to the image quality that you see on the screen. 4K is a resolution that is the most popular at the present time because of the realism and clarity of the picture. 6K is even sharper than 4K but is less common than 4K and TVs that run 6K are harder to find and more expensive.


A lot of hardware such as speakers, game controllers and keyboards use Bluetooth these days just like your Nokia phones that run on Android. Bluetooth is a way of connecting things wirelessly and is a good thing to look out for on an Android TV box.

Security and firewall is good but avoid a denial of service


One of the most important things you need to have on your computer to improve security is a solid firewall. If you’re an owner of a Mac or Windows system then this is pretty much handled for you but at server and hosting level did you know some bugs in firewalls can lead to a denial of service and could take you’re business offline in no time?

One of the biggest risks with relying on a firewall to protect you is the possibility that traffic is interpreted as good traffic. This means that a firewall is far from foolproof and certainly there are many improvements that can be made to ensure that you protect yourself from a DDOS without automatically defaulting to the use of a firewall.

The other big issue with a firewall is the fact that a DDoS can actually simply overwhelm a firewall. They only have a limited amount of bandwidth and so it doesn’t take long for an attack to become far more serious than a firewall control.

The biggest issue with relying on a firewall against an attack however has nothing to do with the server itself. You can find yourself in a position where there is a DNS attack. If you decide that one of the best ways to protect yourself is a firewall then you leave yourself completely open and vulnerable but fortunately there are other ways of improving the security on your system and we will go into some of those just now.

What are the alternatives to a firewall to maintain security?

If I wanted to protect my DNS now I would use a cloudDNS service like Rackspace or Cloudflare. These systems are in place to help you avoid a DDoS. Cloudflare do far more than just DNS protection these days. They have a complete system that will check your browser prior to forwarding the traffic to ensure that it is a real human being and not a bot. Due to their incredible database of nasty attackers they can instantly differentiate between the two and can resolve your issue in almost no time at all. This can be a little pricey but if you are receiving an attack and it is solving the problem while keeping your business running then it is definitely something worth considering an remember even infrastructure is vulnerable to attacks, let alone servers.

You can in fact tweak your firewall and improve it. You can also set your system up so that it permanently bans ip addresses that it knows to be malicious. The only problem with getting too aggressive with an attacker is the fact that you are almost certain to block legitimate traffic which is entirely counter productive and certainly not something that we would wish.

The sad reality of today is that we are absolutely certain to come under attack, we just need to make sure that we are in a situation whereby we give ourselves the best opportunity to defend against unwanted traffic and malicious attempts to break our security.


Best Review Asia Fastest Growing Advice and Guide Site

Best Review Asia is set to be the fastest growing review site in the whole of South East Asia in 2020. This is generally down to a dynamic team of professional and qualified computer science graduates that have decided to help The asian market get value and quality when buying their goods

When we spoke to Best Review Asia they made it clear that they would do everything they possibly could to ensure they provided the very best reviews and information with regards to the products that they look at in detail. Most companies are going for quality over quantity Sudchaya Amatavate commented. “We instead want to promote the idea of high quality information sharing for free to the end user. And certainly we will receive a commission for qualifying purchases but this is how business works“. She went on to comment that life would be great if all the information on the interest with reviews was accurate but she fears many make websites simply to make money, and not because they have passion about the products they write about.

I must say knowing the Asian market for reviews it’s a refreshing approach to the review system and we genuinely believe there is a huge opportunity for tech expansion. Being a Thai national I can tell you that many people in Bangkok that love technology want quality reviews but don’t know who to trust. I am pleased to say that we can genuinely recommend Best Review Asia. I read their reviews on smart watch:สมาร์ทวอทช์ รุ่นไหนดี. I also read the reviews on เลือกซื้อ กล้องวงจรปิด กล้องรักษาความปลอดภัย IP Camera รุ่นไหนดี. Given that this is a new market for them I think they have done really well and that the standard of reviews are going to make a big difference in years to come.

Best Review Asia Is Changing The Way Asians See Their Products

The best thing to develop from the uprise in review sites is the reduction in rip offs. You find that information sharing in Asia really helps people to avoid bad deals because one of the biggest problems associated with Asia is the culture of being shy. A review site allows a person to anonymously look at a product and take their time to ensure that they are happy with the product that they are looking to buy.

This is gold for a culture whereby face means a lot. You have to consider that many people will follow through with the purchase of a product just because they feel they have no choice but to do so. Overall I am really pleased that I can report on the improvements of technology and use of information sharing in Asia. Best Review Asia are leading the way and are making sure that everyone that wants to buy products have the opportunity

FBI disclosed Scada attacks – what does that mean to us in cities?


Seven years ago the FBI disclosed SCADA attacks in three US cities and from then the number of attacks has grown. This alarming growth rate following the attack seemed to submerge but there was a big incident in 2018 that targeted the GCHQ in the UK in an attempt to gain access to the UK energy sector. Such a report showed that it’s likely the perpetrators were able to gain entry. So what does this mean to us sitting at home wondering what SCADA is designed for?

The first thing to understand is that SCADA is short(acronym) for supervisory control and data acquisition. Generally speaking, the purpose is to control and operate industrial plant and monitor core systems and it could relate to gas or telecommunications  such as VoIP phones – yes that does mean a hand in 4g coverage as well as the 5g thats coming after Brexit to the whole of the UK. Could you imagine picking up your shiny iPhone 11 Max Pro to find out you have no signal? And it doesn’t matter how good your phone is, no signal means lights out. This is in fact an extremely shortened version of what SCADA is but to give you an idea how powerful the systems are they can literally change the PH and chlorine levels in water it could even result in you not being able to use your phone.

Strangely enough, that’s exactly what happened in 2016 with the Rye Brooke, New York Dam Attack where hackers were successfully allowed to gain access. With a little knowledge and knowhow researchers could actually change the Chlorine levels in your water. A mind boggling and scary prospect which requires clearly securing and monitoring at all levels and patches where necessary to ensure problems do not resurface.

Scada systems are used to monitor other physical things and processes too. This can be the transfer of electricity, gas, oil, water, and even your traffic lights. These are all systems that we rely on in everyday life. The security of SCADA is paramount because without these basic everyday functions being monitored and kept working, it would impact on the way we live and society drastically. Could you imagine having no electric or heading to the petrol station to find you have no fuel. This could be a reality without a highly secure SCADA system. For a start there’s the inconvenience and then after that you start to think about the financial implications of this.

Threats don’t have to come in the form of software either. It was worked out that an attack from EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) was a genuine threat and needed to be carefully assessed.

Sellers of SCADA have thought back though. Many Vendors have worked out firewall and VPN solutions that are highly specialised to monitor SCADA and risks from potential hackers or intruders in the system.

As we move into 2020 the noise around SCADA attacks has dispersed somewhat but critical software failure that would impact our day to day lives should not be forgotten.

Mac OS vs Windows Vista OS: who’s best and most secure ten years on


Back in 2009 Windows Vista’s security was touted as better than that of the Mac OS. How things have changed over the last decade. As we fast forward ten years Mac is known only for reliability and extremely tough to crack software. So much so, the FBI government tried to take out an injunction that put a back door in Apples iPhones. Amazingly, and frankly, if the FBI can’t get you then it’s reasonable to assume the security is absolutely first class. I certainly feel like my data is safe and this particular did wonders for Apple’s security credibility in my humble opinion.

Further to this in 2012 it was claimed that Apple were part of NSA surveillance programme. You have to question however, if the American Gov already had all this access why they then needed help to get into Farook’s phone in 2015. To me there seems to be inconsistencies in the evidence and so worth a write up. It makes no sense that you have access but then need a court order to get help to access. Somewhat puzzling and leaves me feeling very safe with my iPhone 11 Max Pro reviewed as the best phone ever.

So which is more secure – Mac OS or Windows?

This is a debate that runs hot and will probably never end! You have two stances, one bias toward Mac and the other windows. As I’ve already honestly pointed out I am a Mac addict but I try not to let that get the better of my unbiased reports. So in this debate my stance is that both Mac and Windows OS have incredible malware safety features now and you are far more likely to get a virus using a Windows computer but not because it’s less secure, but more because there are far less malware programs for Mac OS than windows. So by numbers it ‘technically’ makes Mac more secure in my opinion.

Let’s be honest, all that really matters is the bottom line and it appears less Mac OS users take malware hits than Windows users, so irrespective of the actual security itself, in real genuine terms, you are far less likely to be attacked by malware. That said, I genuinely believe that Windows OS is as secure as it’s ever been. Due to the sheer number of malware and Trojans out there these days, Windows has had to really work hard to protect its users and has done so credibly.

So, next time you’re thinking about buying a new computer or phone and you’re sitting on the fence because of security, I would say that 2020 is a year when you can put the fears of malware as a secondary consideration and pick the style you prefer because both offer excellent security features keeping your personal details and importantly financial information safe as it possibly can be.

6 reasons for Google Maps on the iPhone: 10 million downloads in 48 hours

Google maps for the iPhone has had nothing but success dating all the way back to the decision Apple took with regards to Google Maps on the iOS 6 which we will call interesting and leave there. Some 10 million downloads of the Google Maps app happened in the first 48 hours and Google Maps never looked back.

Since then it’s become pretty clear that Google Maps was clearly in the interest of users and fast forward to the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and in my opinion Google Maps is still as dominant now as it was then even if Apple Maps is getting better, but don’t take my word for it, here’s why.

1. Street view on Google Maps

Street View has literally revolutionised the way people do business, plan their routes, and go about life in general. Many businesses that work on property make an assessment of costs using a combination of Street View and pictures, this save huge amounts of time and money for the end user. Consider you’re engaging a business and you need a quick quote to replace your windows or doors to negotiate for the purchase of a property. Simply hand the postcode over and let the quotes roll in. Street View is literally that powerful and the zoom allows enough detail for many transactions like this. It saves businesses hours on end.

2. Google introduced ‘stops’ recently

Have you ever been on your way to a destination and needed to fuel up unexpectedly in an area you don’t know? OK, well if you drive, sorry for the rhetorical question. You can now search the Map for nearby petrol stations to get you out of a spot of bother. It doesn’t stop there though, coffee shops, or anything you need is a the end of a search and will pop into view. Not only that, it’ll give you an idea of how much time the pit stop will cost you too. Google are light years ahead of the curve and it’s so dangerous it may be harming us as I’ll explain on.

3. They’ve even added the weather when you search an area

Is there anything Google Maps have not covered? Only the other day I noticed you get a quick glimpse of the weather when search an area. This is really handy of course and helps us prepare accordingly. This is even more useful for those on foot, bike, or public transport.

4. It’s not just for cars

Google Maps serves those on foot, bike, and using public transport hooking us up and showing us all the best methods to get from A to B. They’ll calculate the quickest and most efficient travel methods for you. They’ve even thrown Uber into the mix which is great because I trust Googles time calculations over Uber.

5. Is Google Maps so good we stop exercising our brain?

Experts have warned we should turn off the Sat Nav, or namely Google Maps because we don’t flex our grey matter enough and it may lead to us not thinking enough. Alzheimers could potentially be an increased risk because Google’s Sat Nav is so good it’s stopping us think. While that sounds scary, what a compliment. We always say in business, if you want to make money, solve a real problem. Google as usual have smashed it so far out the park you’re left speechless when weighing up the facts.

6. Google Maps doesn’t use that much mobile data

It doesn’t matter if you have the standard 4g coverage or you’ve moved to the advanced 5g that’s rolling out in 2020 and has been for some time now. Google maps uses a very small amount of data as it predominantly relies on GPS tech.

Who has the best 4g coverage in the UK?


Following on from all the plans of 5g in the UK it’s still 4g that’s both reliable and well priced. So what? Who has the best 4g coverage in the UK then? Much depends on the big four to perform well.

Tests this last year show that the major four: EE, O2, Vodafone, Three had varying coverage and that Three performed the least well in these tests. The best performer by a long shot was EE. Generally speaking their coverage has been in the high 90 percent range for almost all areas which is significantly better than Three who have been as low as 50 percent.

How to take advantage of 4g with an iPhone?

Following the release of the Apple iPhone 11 Max Pro, it is wise to look for a phone network provider that will live up to the incredible performance of this new technology. Given mobile phone companies need to provide you with signal at home and should they fail to do so you would be allowed to terminate your contract if you have poor coverage, the most logical thing to do is use the coverage checker that the major players provide.

Rather than rely on reports from others, if you are promised signal directly by the provider and it turns out that they cannot provide it, you have good grounds for a termination of the contract. This to me seems both fair for business and client.

Do I need good 4g coverage in the UK to use VoIP

Without question a good 4g coverage and signal will significantly help you using an IP Phone. The better the internet connection, the better the clarity of conversation you will be able to expect. Not only that, a lower quality coverage may leave your conversation patchy. There’s nothing worse than an important call broken by poor signal.

If you struggle for 4g mobile signal and you have important calls then I would highly recommend taking advantage of a broadband or fibre optic Wi-Fi hotspot rather than rely on a patchy 4g coverage.

EE the best 4g coverage performer but Vodafone and O2 also did well

Before rushing off and nailing your colours to the mast with EE it’s important to consider the other big players. Whilst EE did win the coverage race in 2019 that doesn’t mean that they will automatically win the race this year which is very much set to be a new race involving 5G. It’s expected that 5G will be a hundred times quicker than 4G so that makes these results totally inconsequential if you can get your hands on the latest tech. As yet only Samsung have rolled out mobiles capable of handling 5G so it may well be worth buying one if you don’t want to upgrade in 2020 twice.