What is the best Nokia phone for sale?


What is the best Nokia phone for sale? Much depends on your budget, circumstances, and what you want your phone to be. If you simply want to make phone calls and costs less than twenty quid and don’t care if your phone is labelled a brick by your friends then you’re probably going to go for the Nokia 105 Dual Sim. If you’re looking for a full on Android smart phone then the Nokia 9 PureView might be more for you. We will take a look at the best Nokia phones and their common sense applications to make sure you get the phone that suits you.

Nokia 9 Pureview

The Nokia 9 PureView was Released in February 2019. With dimensions of 155 x 75 x 8mm it’s a very nice, slender looking phone running on OS Android 9.

The screen size of 5.9-inches is generous enough with an ample resolution of 1440 x 2880. Overall this is a very nice phone.

If we are to scrutinise you might say the storage capacity at 128GB is a little on the light side given the rear camera is 12MP and the front camera 20MP. It doesn’t take long to fill up a phone with high resolution pics!

The five camera cluster to the rear is quite interesting to look at and provides pretty good pictures when considering that you’re not forking out big on a top of the range iPhone or Samsung.

Nokia 8.1

From a cost standpoint it’s hard to ignore the Nokia 8.1. Whilst it’s not the newest model, with a 20MP selfie camera you’re getting a serious bit of kit for your money now. Much like the iPhone range, the models keep coming but the old tech is seldom considerably improved upon. This seems to follow suit when considering the purchase of the Nokia 9 and this model, the Nokia 8.1. It’s unquestionably a big step up with a bigger display and much more powerful camera than the Nokia 7 so the cost void is very justifiable.

This is probably the pick for the guys and girls not interested in chasing the latest tech but wish to find a bit of value for money and want a high spec phone that performs without breaking the bank.

Easily my favourite performance features on the Nokia 8.1 would be the 20MP selfie camera with 12 and 13MP rear cameras. The screen size at 6.2-inch is pretty healthy too. Though this phone came out over a year ago in December 2018 it’s still a best buy as Nokia phones for sale go.

Nokia 7.1

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The good old trusty Nokia 7.1. Cheap, performs well, you might even say its boring! Boring is definitely good though. For a considerable drop in price from both previous models reviewed you can still get a rear camera with 12MP and 5MP respectively. You’ll also get a front camera with 8MP.

It comes as no surprise that it in storage and RAM it falls slightly to the other models too but pound for pound this model is hard to beat. If you’re looking for a cheap mid range phone with a pretty sensible camera then this would be a top choice for me.

If you like Android and Google search then you’ll get on just fine with this phone. Occasionally you might get the odd blip that occurs when the phone becomes overloaded with apps and data but it doesn’t do much to detract from the overall user experience with crisp pictures that from an everyday user perspective, will easily stand up to phone that cost considerably more.

Nokia 5.1

Last up in my review of the best Nokia phone for sale is the Nokia 5.1. Cheap, a bit laggy, can be slow, but gives you full smart phone functionality at great money. You have to accept that if you want to spend low end you get low end BUT this isn’t that low end. For the money you will not beat the quality or durability of this phone easily.

With a decent camera and 16GB of storage you effectively have a reduced spec of the 7.1 and so the cost saving is passed directly to you. I would highly recommend this phone if money constraints are in place. You’ll get a smart phone that works, is reliable, and will help you with most normal uses expected of a smart phone. It might be a little frustrating to have the lag but overall a pretty good experience and especially for the money.