Battery technology is raising the quality of wireless solar security cameras

Image credit: SOLIOM

Battery tech is improving home and outdoor security in leaps and bounds. With smaller units able to store more power, and solar cells that are increasingly more effective at storing energy, it’s making wireless solar security cameras not only affordable for the average home, but massively improving the resolution which is improving image quality. This is giving us the ability to genuinely protect our homes through use of wireless systems that are small and compact, making them easy to hide, as well as the option to have them placed in the most prominent positions to act as a deterrent.

Why wireless solar security?

They are so easy to install and require no electrical wiring skills at all. You only have to be capable of using a drill and hanging the unit on the wall in order to get going with this outdoor security. Factor the cost of the unit only and this makes for an extremely affordable way of protecting your home from intruders. Gone are the days of cabling and installing camera teams what would result in a huge bill for the same performance. This is helping the average homeowner protect themselves and their family and it’s all down to the development in battery technology that’s storing enough power to get through a whole night of recording.

Did you know wireless solar security cameras have night vision too?

As one well known website reports, wireless solar security cameras come with night vision too. They go on to mention that the camera has a 32ft sensor with incredible imagery resolution up to 1920 px which will leave you with a clear image of any potential intruder – even in the dark!

This was once a luxury product reserved for the rich and elite. We are only going back a decade too. There wasn’t any wireless equipment that you could rely on for quality images, let alone solar, and certainly it wasn’t night vision equipment! The leaps in technology are making them all the more affordable too.

The benefits of wireless security cameras

Without question the most important benefit is the affordability. You don’t need any cabling and this is considerably reducing the costs as well as making the unit far more portable. Yeah – something worth considering is the fact you can undo a couple of screws and remount this in any part of your garden and home in less than half an hour! Without the need to worry about cables and electric mains there is far more freedom to test the best places for your security system.

This is doubly useful because you’ll need to find a sunny spot in the garden to ensure the solar panels are capable of absorbing enough solar power to run your unit all through the evening. Most quality units have a rechargeable battery that can go for a whole day without sunlight. This is a must due to the reliance on the sun (which we can’t always guarantee).

Is it worth buying one or should I accept the costs of a wired system?

If you go down the route of a cabled system that’s wired into the mains then you have the piece of mind it’s always going to work with the rider that national grid power goes down sometimes too. Overall, given the sheer cost savings, wireless solar security cameras are really worth a go and could save you a huge amount of money whilst protecting your home to an acceptable standard.