Android TV rises from the ashes of Google TV Logitech Split

Image credit: Amazon

Some eight years after Logitech and Google parted ways there is a new player in the digital TV scene. From the ashes Android TV has risen and is now a hugely popular way of watching your favourite platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. Google being the behemoth that it is, has found a way to make the digital TV scene work for them in style and I want to discuss what that means for you in your home.

What is the best android tv box?

The great thing about the best android TV box conundrum is the sheer availability of them. My favourite from the link provided is probably the T95 MAX Android TV BOX. For just £24 at the time of writing you get all the cool stuff from digital TV with well thought out Operating systems and reliability. Incredible bit of kit really for the money. You can stream films with ease and the software is very easy to use.

It’s not all good news though, if I compared this to the Apple TV I would still go with Apple just because I am completely addicted to their products and would have no problem spending the extra money. While it produces great viewing experiences, I can’t help but feel like it’s a work in progress.

The benefits of an Android TV Box

Interestingly, I really love the built in Chromecast, you can easily cast photos, videos, or any media you want from your Samsung or your best Nokia phone device straight to the TV. This makes for a very easy user experience and with Google Assistant now part of the package it’s a quickly evolving product.

Android TV box for the UK market

Where Logitech and Google failed to get things going, the Android TV has absolutely flown in the UK and with the country looking at rolling out 5G it’s never been a better time to use digital TV. You can even stream from your phone now with zero delays even if you don’t have Wi-Fi via your broadband with 4g coverage alone. The UK absolutely loves both Apple and Android and their dominance in the digital media scene is set to continue from strength to strength.

If I could argue any weakness at all it would be that anyone tech savvy like myself would realise these Android TV boxes are merely a little computer running the Android operating system. I could probably cobble this together in a few hours making an android tv box with a Raspberry Pi Starter kit. I’m not saying there’s much benefit as a kit will probably cost more than the typical box, but still, it’s not groundbreaking hardware, it’s the operating system that makes Google TV special.

In conclusion, Logitech was the beginning of a progression in the digital TV scene for Google and they continue to gain in strength and popularity in the UK and all over the world for that matter.