Who has the best 4g coverage in the UK?


Following on from all the plans of 5g in the UK it’s still 4g that’s both reliable and well priced. So what? Who has the best 4g coverage in the UK then? Much depends on the big four to perform well.

Tests this last year show that the major four: EE, O2, Vodafone, Three had varying coverage and that Three performed the least well in these tests. The best performer by a long shot was EE. Generally speaking their coverage has been in the high 90 percent range for almost all areas which is significantly better than Three who have been as low as 50 percent.

How to take advantage of 4g with an iPhone?

Following the release of the Apple iPhone 11 Max Pro, it is wise to look for a phone network provider that will live up to the incredible performance of this new technology. Given mobile phone companies need to provide you with signal at home and should they fail to do so you would be allowed to terminate your contract if you have poor coverage, the most logical thing to do is use the coverage checker that the major players provide.

Rather than rely on reports from others, if you are promised signal directly by the provider and it turns out that they cannot provide it, you have good grounds for a termination of the contract. This to me seems both fair for business and client.

Do I need good 4g coverage in the UK to use VoIP

Without question a good 4g coverage and signal will significantly help you using an IP Phone. The better the internet connection, the better the clarity of conversation you will be able to expect. Not only that, a lower quality coverage may leave your conversation patchy. There’s nothing worse than an important call broken by poor signal.

If you struggle for 4g mobile signal and you have important calls then I would highly recommend taking advantage of a broadband or fibre optic Wi-Fi hotspot rather than rely on a patchy 4g coverage.

EE the best 4g coverage performer but Vodafone and O2 also did well

Before rushing off and nailing your colours to the mast with EE it’s important to consider the other big players. Whilst EE did win the coverage race in 2019 that doesn’t mean that they will automatically win the race this year which is very much set to be a new race involving 5G. It’s expected that 5G will be a hundred times quicker than 4G so that makes these results totally inconsequential if you can get your hands on the latest tech. As yet only Samsung have rolled out mobiles capable of handling 5G so it may well be worth buying one if you don’t want to upgrade in 2020 twice.