O2 Tu Go Lets Customers Use Monthly Allowances For VoIP Calls

O2 Tu Go
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Telefonica releases O2 Tu Go app on Android, iOS and Windows 7

Telefonica UK has launched O2 Tu Go, a VOIP application that lets O2 customers use their monthly allowances to make calls and texts over a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.

The cost of making a call or text on Tu Go is the same as it would be if a customer was using their O2 mobile phone. The app is now available for Android, iOS and Windows 7 and will compete with VoIP services such as Skype, which require users to purchase additional credit to use many of its features.

Tu Go is currently limited to pay monthly accounts, although O2 says that it is working to bring the service to prepaid and business customers in the near future.

O2 Tu Go arrives

O2 Tu GoUsers can be logged onto the service on as many as five different devices at once, with communications stored in the cloud. Tu Go is being billed as a way of freeing monthly allowances from just one device and is seen as a way of combating the threat of third party VoIP applications, something which analysts say makes it different from similar services.

“Significantly, the integration with native communications services means that users are not restricted to communicating just with other adopters,” said Jeremy Green. “It delivers tangible differentiation for Telefonica and is a lesson for its peers in integration with carrier telephony services.”

Telefonica has shown great interest in VoIP applications and last year released Tu Me, an application based on technology acquired by the acquisition of JaJah in 2009, on iPhone and Android last year.

The company confirmed to TechWeekEurope last year that O2 Tu Go would be available on FireFox OS, the open source mobile platform being pushed by Telefonica, but ruled out the possibility of a BlackBerry release.

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  1. Comparing TuGo and Skype is like comparing an Orange with an Apple because they’re both fruits. Skype is far more feature complete and mature than TuGo. TuGo is simply a CTI application that offers an alternative version of billing for o2, while using your ‘own’ network. At the end of the day the call flow is still over o2’s Cellular network and thus the PSTN. Its not true P2P VOIP and neither does it offer all the modalities Skype has. o2 are going to have to do much better than this if they want to pitch TuGo as a Skype competitor.

    1. You are right shawn, they are very different animals, but you are very wrong with your other opinions. What O2 have done with TuGo is completely revolutionary. O2 has took a huge step forward with TuGo, In a nutshell, it’s moving one giant step closer to making phone calls and texts from just about any device you own, freeing you from the constraints of your mobile. You don’t need to have the original phone, the one with the SIM, turned on or connected to the network for this to work. This means you can text and call over Wi-Fi, even when you don’t have reception. There’s also no need to buy additional credit, and if your on wifi it’s free, and best of all none of your contacts need additional software or do anything different, all they need is your mobile number as they’ve always done.

      So, O2 need to do better?! Funny, no other network have anything that even comes close to a feature like this, even if its just for the fact I can connect to wifi abroad, and I can make and receive calls without being charged a penny and just using my mobile number as normal. Hmmmmm…. I think you have been very misinformed….