Quiz Of The Week: iPhone Alternatives

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Test your knowledge of the smartphone market

No one can argue with the fact that Apple dominates the smartphone market. But that doesn’t mean the likes of Nokia and Motorola should just wait until death claims them.

Thanks to Google’s Android, the market for iPhone alternatives is thriving. Not only that, the companies who had no interest in mobile phones suddenly all started going after a piece of a tasty smartphone pie.

What are the others up to?

No one even heard about HTC in the West before it started making Android devices in 2008 [Except for people who knew who made the MDA range and HP’s handhelds – Editor]. Now, it is one of the largest smartphone vendors in the world.

Six years after it stopped selling phones outside Japan, Panasonic is finally ready to rejoin the race with its line-up of waterproof (!) smartphones. And Samsung went as far as to openly taunt Apple with its Superbowl advertising.

So how much do you know about the devices that are slowly eating into Apple’s share of the market?

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  1. Are you serious, Android is 50% of the mobile market and is outselling apple 3 to 1?? iPhone IS the alternative, not the norm. Samsung SGS2 is the most popular phone worldwide ATM!

    Also HTC put out Windows mobile devices such as the amazingly popular HD2 which is to date it’s most popular smartphone due to it’s hardware specs (allowing it to run any mobile os)

    And slowly eating is hardly the truth, android’s 15+% per quarter increase should have apple worried.