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Microsoft Confirms Hotmail And Outlook Problems

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Hotmail and Outlook users report difficulties in accessing and receiving email

Microsoft has confirmed that its Outlook and Hotmail webmail services have been affected by a fault that has prevented some users from having full access to their mail.

Users have complained about not seeing emails that should have reached their account while others have said they have not been able to access either service altogether.

The fault was first reported on Tuesday evening with Microsoft admitting the problem in a post on its service status page earlier this morning. In it, the company apologised for the interruption in service and said that fixing the problem had taken longer than expected.

Hot and cold mail 

HotmailBoth Outlook and Hotmail services were shown to be affected, with Microsoft posting another message at 13:12 GMT this afternoon to update users on the situation.

“We’re having a problem accessing email,” it read. “You might not be able to see all your email messages. We’re working to restore service right now.”

Microsoft has given no explanation for the fault and it is not clear how many users it has affected. At the time of writing, the status page reports no problems and TechWeekEurope was able to send and receive email using an Outlook account.

Millions of Hotmail users are currently being migrated to the new Outlook webmail service. Launched last year, Outlook was designed to offer a cleaner, smoother experience than Hotmail and other clients. Most changes are aesthetic, with a cleaner interface and less intrusive advertising.

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  1. What a mistake i made swapping Hotmail to Outlook, i tried to swap back but was told it was £90 by customer support who then hung up on me. The amount of large flashing adverts in your face is so annoying. I cannoy currently write a message and send it or reply. Absolute s…!

  2. Today, my hotmail/ Outlook account is not opening at all. Hence I cannot see my e mails. If there is any problem when are you going to resolve it? Actually, Hotmail has become problematic since it was converted to Outlook.

    In view of above, I may switch over to some other such e mail service if there is further delay in resolving this problem

  3. I’ve had endless issues since mine changed to outlook
    I have sent repeated emails and not even one reply. Being able to search my emails has never been and issue in the past regardless of how full the mailbox was. I really want a fix to the issues ASAP.

  4. Outlook keeps “timing out” every 10 seconds or so. I have tried software fixes to no effect. Any ideas? Or is this all part of the ongoing Micosoft problem?