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A Google Chromebook is enough for one in three of our readers, a poll shows

Google’s Chromebook is popular with our readers, despite initial scepticism of the concept of a cheap, network-centric laptop. In a poll on TechWeekEurope, the product was the most popular laptop option.

However, the various Windows options added up to slightly more than the Chromebook’s score, and the Apple MacBook also scored highly, while options including Linux got some votes. Some people rejected the laptop concept entirely in favour of a tablet.

poll chromebook versus windows and macbook

There’s no place like Chromebook

When the Google Chromebook, which uses the Chrome OS and ties into Google services, was launched in 2011, it got lukewarm reviews, as commentators felt its storage and applications were too limited for serious use.

Since then, an improved version has arrived, and the machines sold well on Amazon over the Christmas period. In the US, the $321 Chromebook sold the most units, beating a Samsung Ultrabook at $800, and a MacBook Pro at $1130.

Our survey echoed that, with around 30 percent of readers saying they would buy a Chromebook if they got a laptop now. In second place, MacBooks were preferred by around 23 percent of readers.

A catch-all “regular Windows laptop” came third, with 13 percent.

However, the poll offered a number of different Windows laptop options, including Ultrabooks running Windows 8 or earlier. All the Windows options added together came to 33 percent, just beating the Chromebook.

Despite that, the Chromebook’s popularity is pretty remarkable – although the device’s placing may have been boosted by the poll’s arrival on our site at the same time as the tale of its Christmas success.

Linux made a respectable showing on three percent – but a surprising 9 percent of you have moved beyond laptops altogether, and would rather have a tablet.

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  1. Although I am on my second Chromebook, I am skeptical that TechWeek Europe’s readership is representative. Still, this is an encouraging report, and one can hope for a long, bright future for Chrome OS devices.

  2. The Chromebook definitely has it’s place, as there are many people that would be happy with an easy-to-use, fast starting, inexpensive laptop. That being said, not everyone is willing or able to give up on their Windows applications. But there are solutions to overcome that. For example, Ericom AccessNow is an HTML5 RDP client that enables Chromebook users to securely connect to any RDP host, including Terminal Server and VDI virtual desktops, and run their applications and desktops in the Chrome browser tab.

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  3. You are absolutely right Selden, and we try to always point out that our readers aren’t typical.

    Still Chromebooks selling well on Amazon is another sign of mainstream success.

    Peter Judge