CeBIT: Quarter Of Germans Happy To Have Chip Implants

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CeBit: If it means shorter lines at the supermarket, a quarter of Germans would be happy to have a chip implanted under their skin

The head of Germany’s main IT trade body told the audience at the opening ceremony of the CeBIT technology exhibition that one in four of his countrymen are happy to have a microchip inserted for ID purposes.

Professor August Wilhelm Scheer made the comments at an event this week to announce the start of the show which runs until Saturday in the German city of Hanover. With around 4000 companies from over 70 countries expected at the event, CeBIT continues to be the largest tech show in Europe according to its organisers.

As well as foretelling the imminent demise of the CD and DVD, Professor Scheer said that implanting chips into humans was going to become commonplace. “The speed of the development is not going to be reduced this decade,” he told an audience of tech execs and politicians including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Some developments can already be seen. CDs and DVDs are going to disappear as material sources of information. Wallpaper will be replaced by flat screens and many of us will have chips implanted beneath our skin by the end of next decade.

Rather than being based on pure speculation, Scheer said that his organistion BITKOM had actually conducted research which had shown that a quarter of Germans would be happy to have a chip implanted if it meant they could access services more easily.

“We just carried out a survey and one out of four people are happy to have a chip planted under their skin for very trivial uses for example to pass gates more quickly at a discotheque for example and to be able to pay for things more quickly in the supermarket,” said Scheer. “The wilingness of the population to accept our technology is certainly given.”

Tech implants are already gaining ground in the field of healthcare. Last August saw the first US implant of the Accent RF pacemaker. Combined with remote sensoring capabilities, the Accent allows doctors to more efficiently monitor patients, while patients enjoy the convenience of care from home.

As well as his predictions for more outlandish technologies, Scheer also made reference to the rise of cloud computing and the disruptive effect it was having on the software industry. “Cloud computing is something that is going to revolutionise the software industry and mix everything up,” he said. “That is forseeable already but there are going to be many surprises on top of that.”

Scheer also commented on Europe’s role as an innovator and user of technology but admitted that countries such as China and India were threatening to catch-up and even overtake. “We are the number four in Germany when it comes to be using of technology,” he said. “Europe by the way is the largest user and we are even ahead of Asia. But the Asian countries are of course going to catch-up.”

Green IT was one of the major focuses for the CeBIT event last year with around 2000 square meters given over to a dedicated Green IT World.

  1. listen up all folks . this is a lie from the word go . all must reject this rfid technology. you will be SORRY if you receive this device. you will be ultimately controlled . is this what you came to planet earth for ? to be controlled like a robot ? keep your freedom , keep your independence . THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST THE PRIME DIRECTIVE OF THIS PLANET, ITS EVOLUTION, DESTINY, AND OUTCOME OF THE HUMAN RACE . ONCE TAKEN , WELL I GUESS YOUR SOUL IS THEIR , ISNT IT? stay free.

  2. I completely agree. Who would ever agree to such a thing? It’s like “1984” – Big Brother is watching you. What is happening with this world??????

  3. You guys are ridiculous. They aren’t proposing implanting objects to control your thoughts or movements. Simply devices that can send out info like your ID or maybe even your credit card number so you can just walk through a scanner and be on your way. I think that with enough safety mechanisms in place, it could be an awesome bit of tech.

  4. The main objection I would have to a chip implant is an issue of control. Would I also have a device for reading the entire contents of my chip? Would I be in control of who, where & when my chip is accessible? Would I be in control of who can write and what is written to my chip? Would I be able to update my chip?

    Perhaps I am too jaded, but I believe that the answer to all of these questions would be an emphatic “NO!”. I expect that I would also be told that being denied such controls is for my own protection and that to even want such controls would cast an air of suspicion over me, as though only a terrorist or criminal would want such controls, surely not a law-abiding, god-fearing citizen… after all, what am I trying to hide…

    We would think that not having such levels of control over our wallet is unreasonable, yet we would be expected to accept a “sealed wallet” approach to these chips. The saddest part of it all is that most people, even the initial grumblers, will eventually accept this further invasion to our privacy and self-determination. People are too willing to give up their personal freedoms.

  5. Came to planet earth for? Controlled like a robot?

    Joseph, I think you’ve got some things to sort out with your therapist.

  6. I thought I was as paranoid as the next person. Guess not. Nobody’s mooting the idea of enforced chipping or barcode tattoos or anything of the sort. Implanted chips with privacy data on them will almost certainly not become popular because the technology is not/will not be uncrackable. Panic over having your bank account hacked while walking down to the market will ensure it is not forced upon people.

    That being said, if it’s a chip implant that automatically marks you as “of age” for entering a place that serves alcohol or whatever (and that’s all it contains), I can see a perfectly reasonable argument for them. I know I wouldn’t mind being able to grab a beer without having to display identification, and there could be applications allowing quicker passage in airports, etc.

    I’m pretty sure the chips in mind weren’t secret RFID tags that would track your thought-crimes. Generally tech-speakers don’t like those or present them at expos; that’s the sort of thing reserved for government leaders.

  7. Does anyone REALLY buy this? RF-ID technology is the worst possible threat to human rights possible the advantage of being able to go through a line faster nowhere near out-weighs the total loss of the ability to move w/o having your every movement tracked record and used by the government to restrict your freedom. For perfect illustration of this it is highly recommend reading “Little Brother” Cory Doctorow- which you can of course read online.

  8. As long as my ID chip can’t be scanned involuntarily (i.e. it has very limited range, or I can easily turn it off), I’d be up for this. It’d be like a more convenient version of flashing a drivers license or scanning a credit card. Nothing more.

    But if I couldn’t stay out of range of scanners or turn it off, then I’d be as uneasy about this as I am about GPS in my cell phone.

  9. I concur, This will be the gateway to more control! We are already tracked believe it or not, and this will just assure that all farm animals (read humans) are herded properly.

    We are slaves to monetary currency, and a false money economy backed with gold that doesn’t exist. When the money all becomes electrons we will be complete slaves.

    I don’t buy the 25% of Germans accepting this either. I’m sure they learned a lot from the numbers tattood on jews in concentration camps.

  10. Protect your rights, don’t accept this device, they will use your data to control your activities.


  11. Ofcourse you wont be controlled. It’s up to you if you want to go for it. No one is forcing you to do it.

    I would go for it as long as there are no adverse affects to my health.

    Especially in the USA, they wont let anything into the market unless is reasonably safe.

    i would vote yes for this… and it will become common place soon…

  12. Do you REALLY BELIEVE this poll? How about a healthy bit of skepticism, and conduct your own research. Of course Scheer is going to make an outlandish claim to push his own pet projects; I really doubt that a QUARTER of the German populace would be stupid enough to want an electronic implant if they knew the implications of such technology.

  13. I think he got something wrong. 25% wouldn’t be happy to have chips implanted. The research said that 72% don’t(!) want it to happen under any circumstances and 5% are unsure. That’s still 23% who don’t think it’s ridiculous across the board. But about 70% of them think it might be useful in a case of emergency, like being buried by an avalanche. Anyhow, why are they asking 14+ year olds about these things?

  14. Well, I’m German and I have (1) NEVER heard of either this guy nor his company nor his claims before and (2) highly doubt that what he says is true. He probably tested a hundred technology nuts of which 25 said they’d have the implant and then made the conclusion that, alas, 25% of all Germans would have the implants, too. THIS IS RIDICULOUS and I call BULLSHIT.

  15. What about the written Word of God. The book of Revalation talks about the Mark Of the Beast to be put in the hand or forehead of people? The Word Of God is talking about the computer chip to be placed into all people. And the people that recieve this mark will be the Devils children and spend Eternity in the Lake Of Fire?
    I am not saying this but the Holy Bible has written this in the last book of the bible.. dont believe me google search mark of the beast in the bible, you can read it yourself or just pick up the bible and start reading the last book in it! This Micro Chip the Professor is talking about will happen but for my own spiritual reasons i wont be taking it… no way in hell will i take it!

  16. I’d worry about the slippery slope towards these things becoming effectively mandatory. Even if they are not legislated for, they may become so essential for basic services that not having one is a severe handicap.

    I’d also worry about data security, bot in terms of unwanted reading and the ability to forge an identity. The latter has already been demonstrated with current rfid technology. Even if current weaknesses are fixed, I don’t fancy surgery to update a weak chip.

    I’d also question the medical safety of any intervention that is not really needed. What if it smashes? What if the container fails? What if the body rejects or, or if it moves somewhere it shouldn’t?

  17. They don’t even go on to mention that people could use chips in their wallets, they talk directly about surgical interventions! And they also don’t mention the 75% that implicitly do NOT want it, but only about the 25% that would be stupid enough do accept it. I know what they want, and they won’t get it from me!

  18. “I think that with enough safety mechanisms in place, it could be an awesome bit of tech.”

    of course you do. because you’re a 20-something ignorant punk with $hit for brains.

  19. I’m of the opinion that in the event that this get used, the information simply has yes/no tags, ie no personal info. Things like user is male, organ donor, over majority age. No name or unique chip ID attached. I can deal with an un-loseable 18+ card (18 being age of majority in Australia and New Zealand), but anyone who thinks they have the right to track John/Jane Doe’s every move should have the chips, packaging, and all chip installation tools shoved through various orifices, then be made to eat any mess that results.

  20. If anyone has read Revelation, you will know that there is a passage that says:
    ” to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17.
    It is scary to think something like this is even being considered, from a Christian perspective it is prophesied. From a non-Christian perspective, I don’t want something put in me that can be monitored – too much like big brother. I’d rather have inconvenience knowing I have more freedom.


    If a lie is repeated often enough, it is taken as fact.

    Beware those who accuse others of being paraniod over this, they are either deluded or part of the propaganda machine.

    RFID implants are the thin edge of the wedge and will gain acceptance as they invent some FEAR that compels the lemming populace to adopt it.

    FEAR SELLS – watch for it and discern!
    The sales job begins.

  22. I would only consent to being “chipped” if I had direct control such as if this were in my finger and then I could wear metal gloves to shield the chip. In writing this, I think I would not want to be chipped at all, who wants to wear metal gloves all the time? I agree with an earlier comment, your movements could be tracked, there would be no privacy. Big Brother is here now. I would not want this.

  23. Seems about 1 in 4 commentators would be happy with a chip. So it seems the original research was quite accurate. Imagine just having to make an “OK” finger-and-thumb gesture to transmit identification. Would be cool.

  24. I work for the State Government in Arizona, and we are already looking at some prototype chips to identify US and State citizens. We believe that marking State Citizens as citizens of our state and the United States will enable us to save billions of dollars by not wasting money on parasites who do not deserve the benefits of our government.

  25. Surely some bad and early April fool!!! What utter nonsense and if anyone believes this will just be used with their permission and for harmless purposes, is dreaming. 20 yrs ago would we have dreamt that there would be CCTV cameras looming triphid like over our streets, google capturing our houses, phone calls monitored and all our mobile communications accessinle? These invasions of privacy crawl into our lives one by one, and most of us weren’t even aware. Terror and protection from it were totally manipulated in the UK, until we have become the most watched nation. Fortunately our new government is staunchly opposed to It. Quite frankly, the amount that google knows about me is already too much!

  26. Funny, Google is warning that people will have to change their real names to escape their past online identity – so why not make ourselves universally identifiable by a chip which will trigger allergies, let strangers trace you and you can’t ever displace it when you want to rest?
    As someone mentioned above, cell phones seem like a good enough place to put a chip into to me.

  27. Oh yes! And I suppose the Nazis thought it would be cool to tattoo a number on peoples arms to save them from forgetting their names, did they?

    “It’s for your own good Sir, just to save you from getting lost, then we can make sure you get home safely to the right shower block.”

    People are so stupid these days, and what about the other 75% of people? Or do they not count because they gave the wrong answer?

    Nothing scientific about this. Satan is alive and well, just waiting for his minions to prepare the way.