Major BT Outage Affecting London Customers

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BT working to restore services to London and the southeast

BT customers across London are currently unable to receive internet access following an outage affecting large swathes of the capital and southeast.

The telecommunications company told TechWeekEurope it was aware of the problems and that it was currently looking to restore services to those affected.

Many customers have expressed frustration on microblogging site Twitter, while BT’s customer care page has been dealing with inquiries.

London isn’t calling

btfibrecabinet - Azzin on AVForumsAn equipment failure in London has resulted in the loss of broadband services for a number of BT Retail customers,” said BT in a statement. “We are currently working to resolve it.”

According to BT’s status page, customers located in areas with dialling codes 0203, 0207 and 0208 are affected.

“We’re really sorry but we’ve got a problem at the moment in the London and surrounding areas, which means that some of our customers will be having trouble getting online,” the status page read. “We’re trying to fix the problem as quickly as we can.”

Business Internet Service Provider (ISP) has suggested in a tweet that the issues were being caused by an outage at Faraday, a core point of presence on its network.



This latest outage appears to be relatively localised. Last October, a major power failure at a BT exchange in Birmingham caused connectivity problems for broadband customers across the UK, while another in 2010 left 20,000 households without broadband in areas of Northern England, Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland.

Earlier today, Natwest and RBS customers were hit by a systems glitch which has left many unable to send or receive payments. A number of online systems are currently down and Natwest has been unable to confirm the source of the glitch.

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  1. I have had broadband issues for the last week and my telco didn’t have a clue why and now I know, but I am in Kent which is quite close to London so I think this has effected more customers than BT are letting on and I am not even with BT retail but XLN Telecom who are running off of BT’s servers. My internet just kept cutting out with “Connection Timed Out” but the connection was still live. Very weird and kept me on the phone to XLN for at least a couple of hours trying to fix the problem, which was in the end unfixable.

  2. Surely a tech journalist shouldn’t make such a mistake as area dialing codes; 0203, 0207 & 0208.
    These aren’t dialing codes for London. The dialing code for London is 020, there is only one dialing code for London, separate ones were abolished more than 10 years ago.