Atos Healthcare Accuses Online Critics Of Libel

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The company responsible for doling out government incapacity benefit is waging war against its online critics

Atos Healthcare, the company employed by the UK Department of Work and Pensions to decide who is entitled to employment support allowance, is moving to shut down websites, forums and online support groups that criticise its assessment process.

Atos’ Healthcare arm uses an automated system – the company’s own Logic Integrated Medical Assessment (LiMA) software – to help doctors and nurses assess claimants. The healthcare professional fills in a digital questionnaire on LiMA on behalf of the patient by choosing keywords and statements from a list and then justifying them.

The software has been widely criticised in blogs, on social networks, and in support forums. A group known as the Black Triangle, which campaigns for disability rights, is now calling for Atos to be removed from the DWP contract.

Atos issues legal threats

In response, Atos has begun issuing legal threats against websites and forums that aggregate patients’ experiences of the assessment process, accusing them of libel. The so-called ‘Atos Register of Shame‘ – which contained a list of healthcare professionals who had allegedly performed sub-standard medical assessments – was forced to close last week.

Atos has also succeeded in closing down the CarerWatch discussion forum – a forum for sick and disabled people and their unpaid family carers – via the site’s server host. According to a post on the CarerWatch blog, the website administrators have not been contacted directly by Atos and are unaware of any issues causing concerns.

“We have many members who are very fragile and the sudden disappearance of a support group has caused a lot of distress and fear,” wrote CarerWatch founding member Frances Kelly in a letter to Atos’s legal department. “Some are ringing us in tears. We cannot get in contact with all of them though as we have lost their contact details through the closure.

“All this distress could have been avoided if you had had the courtesy to contact us first and tell us what had been posted on our site that you considered libellous,” Kelly added. “Obviously if any post was possibly libellous we would have removed it and all this distress could have been avoided.”

Protecting the company’s reputation

When contacted by eWEEK Europe, Atos Healthcare was unapologetic about the inconvenience caused, and defended the campaign to take down websites which damage the company’s reputation.

“Atos Healthcare is committed to delivering high quality services to all users of our services and we take seriously any incidents where these standards are not maintained,” said Atos in a statement emailed to eWEEK Europe.

“While we fully support the right of people to express their opinions, it is our duty to protect the reputation of our employees and company against false and malicious allegations. In such circumstances, we will look to take any necessary steps to ensure that these unsupported claims are addressed swiftly and appropriately.”

Twelve doctors employed byAtos Healthcare are currently under investigation by the General Medical Council over allegations of improper conduct. The doctors face being struck off if they are found not to have put the care of patients first.

The work and pensions select committee chair Anne Begg MP acknowledged last month that Atos Healthcare’s service had “often fallen short of what claimants can rightly expect,” and said that “the department needs to do more to ensure that Atos treats claimants properly and that it produces accurate assessments.”

  1. At the end of the day ATOS are on to a hiding to nothing when their bluff is called and they get someone into court.
    There is a massive amount of collated documented evidence against ATOS.
    I suspect ATOS are in fear of a class legal action like the one against Unum Provident in America with cost Unum very dearly in compensating people they had wrongly found fit for work.

  2. Of interest is the issue of recorded medical assessments which would at once prove if there was a case for ATOS & the DWP to answer. Though there has been a pilot it has yet to report under Prof. Harringtons last review of WCA. I am minded that ATOS are responsible to the DWP just as the DWP have duties of care to there claimants. This line gets distorted. I venture any class action would have to include the DWP also. I get the feeling that many within the DWP those who deal with claimants on the phone are also none to pleased with what they hear. At the end of the day ATOS and the DWP should understand there will be comment in certain cases that maybe highly critical. This however goes with the territory. If ATOS were to sue and loose than a counterclaim would could be made against them & DWP. I also don’t think the government have the appetite for the adverse publicity this would generate. We need transparency here and if some one has complained to a professional body about one of there employee’s and an enquiry is being undertaken than placing that in the public domain merely saves a Freedom of Information request. Anne Begg and her committee are very well aware of the issues from my experience.

  3. The actions which Atos have recently taken are nothing short of playground bullying and the putting down of democratic free speech.

    I am one of the people who’s site was closed down, The “Atos Register of Shame” was a website that allowed people to send in their personal horror stories of Atos and the treatment dished out by that company.

    The legal letter claimed my website was Libelous, the name Atos Register of Shame was defamatory, why? They say because it infers their company Atos does not provide a good service, they provide an awful service and abuse their customers/clients, as the above poster has said there is enough documented evidence to back this up.

    They can continue to close websites/forums down as much as they like, others will start up, campaigns will grow, the name Atos will become synonymous with ill treatment of the vulnerable, the impoverished, the weak, the least able, the name Atos will be blackened everywhere.

    If any other privatised company produced results like Atos do then there would be a huge investigation, over 40% of claims being refused are then reinstated at appeal or tribunal level, this is an appalling performance level but our government (DWP) thinks it’s OK, they refuse to remove a companywhich is failing, they refuse to claim back taxpayers money from Atos for their poor performance, there has been no Audit of the companies performance in regard to the contract Atos have with the DWP, why would a government not Audit a private company which has a contract worth over a billion pounds over ten years? Something very suspicous is going on, soon it will all come out and some very red faces will be seen, CORRUPTION is the word people need to think about.

    Politicians are getting fed up of seeing their postbags filled with complaints about how their constituents have been treated by Atos, we are also seeing suicides which can be attributed to the hell people suffer under Atos, one person died a couple of minutes after their Atos assessment in the waiting room, very soon people will be held to account.

    Bring it on Atos, the more you attack us the stronger we get.

    1. You have done our community a great service and I thank you. I have been closely following this matter as you would imagine. Funny but I think the coverage the closure of your site by ATOS had the opposite effect – it actually promoted it. You are of course correct that when one closes another opens and I would encourage people to use the internet to tell there experience. I have been involved in welfare reform for a few years now. I think we are slowly winning the arguement that this is about saving money only by attacking the weakest in our society. I wish you well in your future endeavours as I know you will “pop up” again.

      1. This behaviour by ATOS is blatentent discrimination and breaks every rule in the Book..bIt is Corruption at the Highest level and the British Government have passed the Buck.. so the Blood is not on their hands..
        I am an injured NHS Nurse ..Now retire recently from Ill Health from a work induced injury ..ATOS lied about me too as well as the DWP.. all to avoid payments and litigations…I have even had to threaten my own GP to get support for an injury which was NOT my FAULT…

    2. It seems they have a “reputation” for inaccuracy and incompetance. Not something I would want to shout about personally.

    3. Yes we will get stronger,mine to is a horror story and if enough people shout we will be heard and im starting to SHOUT.

    4. Cant you open up the website without using atos in the title and people could find it word of mouth. I would love to name and shame the doctor who has made my life into a living hell. I have no quality of life since they took my benefits away. We live on a pittance. So if atos wants to sue us for libel they made one big mistake by stopping our money, because now we have none. I just have bailliffs and threatening letters which I never had before. And I am not surprised there has been suicides because I would be a liar if I said I hadnt contemplated that. Anything would be better than the life atos has left me with

  4. Having accompanied a claimant as an independent witness at their ATOS assessment, I can’t see that ATOS have a leg to stand on.

    The doctor who performed the assessment deliberately ignored the claimant’s complex medical history and all supporting documents (including, but not exclusively, a CVI (Certificate of Visual Impairment). By DWP and ATOS’s own guidelines and regulations, the claimant had already scored 15 points on the assessment and should have never been called in for an assessment in the first place.

    At the end of the interview, the doctor told the claimant that he was recommending the claimant NEVER return to work. In extreme contrast, the medical report he filed (ESA85) to the DWP recommended that the claimant be placed in the Work Related Activity Group! He blatantly lied on the ESA85 and to the claimant.

    Considering the fact that ATOS doctors receive a monetary bonus for every person either deemed Fit For Work or recommended for WRAG, and they are fully aware they receive a bonus, then providing a false ESA85 to the DWP is “receiving monies through false representation” (also read FRAUD), and is an arrestable offense.

    Has nobody considered reporting ATOS doctors to the police for false representation once they have discovered the doctor lied on the ESA85?

    I think it’s appalling that these crooks have been made above the law and are not answerable to anyone. They are even exempt from the Freedom Of Information Act!

    Something needs to be done before this company bleeds our country dry!

    1. IT SEEMS THESE ATOS MEDICS ARE ABOVE THE LAW.. I have a case being fought currently against the NHS a scheme for injured Nurses and these Occupational Health ATOS Doctors are hidden behind the Data Protection Act 1998.. I have asked under the FOI to provide me with data of my assessors.. the NHS FOI Manager refused.. So these guys are protected.. its all about ££££MONEY££££ They dont give a STUFF that they have injured ME and ruined my life! had to give up a good job albeit tailored to my condition which they the NHS caused..

  5. ATOS are a failed, completely disgraced, company with a proven track record of deliberate dishonesty, conscious bias and fraud against the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.

    Perhaps it is this, rather than a few websites, which causes them to have such a terrible reputation?

    No-one with any brains believes a word they say or any of their figures.

  6. Just to add to what Paul Smith has said regarding the appeals statistics.

    The 40% of appeals being won rises to a staggering 70% when apellants have legal representation/welfare rights officer at Tribunal. And remember that not everyone feels mentally/emotionally and/or physically capable of appealing a decision against them, so with representation that 70% could become 80 or 90%. These are after all, genuinely sick & disabled people. The DWP’s own figures are that benefit fraud is 0.5%. Hardly worth the Govt spending a £billion over 10yrs on ATOS plus the considerable millions per year that appeals are costing.

    I would suggest eWeek Europe check this link, written by a former Healthcare Proffessional, for starters:

    What’s happening is horrific & justice must prevail before more lives are devastated & lost.

    1. Classing myself as an Atos survivor after being awarded zero points at the Athos medical only to have it overturned in 15 minutes at tribuneral were I was assessed by humans and not LIMA software. I find these stats alarming to say the least, it took nearly two years to reach tribuneral in which time, I too considered calling it a day and it was only the support, that not everyone has,that stopped me doing anything silly. However, I would not wish what I went through on my worst enemy. And now to see that according to DWP’s own statistics that only 0.5% of claims are fraudulent leaves me very raw and thinking that there must be some sort of badly hidden agenda? We are not all malingerers! and I’m pretty sure that most would happily have a job and good health if possible and I’ve never met anyone who has chosen too be unwell! it seems to me that Atos work on a ‘blood bounty’ approach which cant be right? so much for the cradle to the grave, well if thats the case, Aneurin Bevan will be turning in his!…..

  7. ATOS don’t have a reputation to protect they destroyed that the moment they got in bed with the government IMHO. No one who has had a site closed down by the threatening letters of the ATOS legal department has said they have being provided with proof of the legal departments accusations, they are basically threatening providers of a free service with what could be an expense they cannot commit to so have no option but to comply. No matter what they do the truth will come out. Eventually the only option left to ATOS will be to prosecute the poster of what they claim is “false & malicious” The first time they try this you can bet they ask that the media are banned from reporting on the case and the only question that should be asked is “What have you got to hide?”

  8. The time has come to force the matter into open court where ATOS would be exposed. As alluded to in earlier posts MPs,despite increasing levels of complaint from voters are failing the people they are elected to represent in not forcing ATOS to explain how its methods are failing consistently in 40% of cases. Equally however the DWPs ‘decision makers’ are also interpreting those ATOS results incorrectly. It suggests that the formula used is at fault OR is being deliberately abused in order to remove people from entitlement to benefits. Perhaps the courts will ask the awkward questions? (Although it must be noted that some member of the legal establishment has already seen fit to support ATOS claims that certain websites are ‘libelous’ without any proof that anything said on those websites is untrue). We are up against the ‘establishment’ here and it will be difficult but not impossible,no stone can be left unturned however,organisation is key as is support from leading public figures. I wish campaigners God Speed.

  9. Don’t blame ATOS for everything. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for allowing ATOS to operate out of inaccessible buildings with inaccessible parking.

    DWP should face a judicial review for not ensuring that their contractor, ATOS, complies with the “reasonable adjustments” requirements of the Equality Act 2010. This continuing failure of ATOS is a breach of equality law.

    DWP is also responsible for allowing a situation to continue where £50 million in public funds is wasted each year on avoidable appeals against inappropriate ATOS decisions.

    Why is the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Government Equalities Office doing nothing to stop this continuing denial by DWP of the human rights of disabled people? This situation is crying out for a judicial review! Who will take it on?

  10. I just wanted to lend my support to those people and organisations who are standing up against Atos.

    In my opinion much of the criticism levelled against this company is valid and therefore the closing of websites is censorship. Atos are greedy capitalists who are doing Duncan Smith’s dirty work for him – it’s time to topple the pay master as well as his bullies.

  11. “We have many members who are very fragile and the sudden disappearance of a support group has caused a lot of distress and fear,”

    What a load of rubbish! Carerwatch were lucky if they got three posts a day and their membership includes someone that is an active cyberstalker.

    Carerwatch and Atos are as bad as each other.

  12. Is this a Trial of Strength? Or a Touch of Stalinism? A Tool of Satan? A Tale of Stupidity? Or a Taste of Sadism? I could go on and on…

  13. so Atos is seeking libel action against websites ,where is our freedom of speech which is not liabless as this is accurate information from first hand people who have experianced medicals at the hands of a disfunctial organisation who have the money to invest in law suits as there are a french company with stocks and shares ,who are useing money to further disable the disabled and ther support groups ,well done atos a caring company who will not admit that companys do have faults no one is perfect

  14. The analogy between Atos and a playground bully is a good one. I’m the Admin for the FB page ‘Inspired by Atos Origin’ and have written to James Loughrey from the Atos Legal Department several times. In the letters I’ve used the ‘Atos Kills’ photo (why not, as I painted it near their head office and I’m pleased I did) and I’ve challenged Atos to take me to court. Not a word from them. Trust me, they only attack people who they think can be silenced. Paul Smith and Kevin James (After Atos) have proved them wrong. Keep piling on the pressure because Atos is definitely on the defensive.

  15. Well that was clever of Atos, now everyone is talking about about how flaming awful they are… isn’t that counter productive to their “reputation”?

  16. I had an ATOS medical some time back. The copy i received. amongst other inacuracies, stated ‘… has good eyesight in both eyes, for a person of his age’. Rather miraculous as i can only see out of my right eye.
    My appeal for IB went well!

    My appeal for DLA went bad.
    It seams that Post Traumatic Stresd Dissorder, five heart attacks culminating in heart failure and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) due to the ‘cocktail of drugs that noe keep me alive count for nothing. I get no benefits whatsoever except IB. !!!
    Absolutly sick of this system that rewards us with poverty.
    Blimey … am i angry at these desk jockeys that sit in judgement upon us with no expeience of real life.
    Just wish i had my time again … oh what changes i would make!!!!!!

  17. If ATOS thinks these claims are untrue why not publish the claims against them that have been proven fraudulant the reason why they are up in arms over this matter has nothing to do with reputation, it is to do with silencing those who dare have the audacity to speak up for themselves and show These dept’s for what they. I agree with a previous poster the DWP should be held to account too as should those that started this money wasting scheme. the public has a right to know, also our rights whether it freedom of speech is gradually being erroded until we dont have a voice. i have had my assessment even tho only 7mth previous i had a review and im still waiting on my result. Im sick of being constantly harrassed and bullied by DWP and now ATOSthis only makes my conditions worse… so yes they are making me more ill . I think it been more than enough time for a rethink and stop this immediately. We are supposed to be a civilised counrty , well i dont call bullying the sick civilised.

  18. After Atos is still here and was one of the first to get a cease or desist letter from Atos high flyer lawyer James Loughrey. After Atos former website also got attacked several times and brought down by hackers, expert professional ones.

    But After Atos is back up, now at to again provide a feedback rolling survey for all those going through the assessments and provide the results so people can use them for themselves. But one thing I have not done and that is provide a forum because there is already many excellent forums and advice sites around and there is no membership log in. And I think this has saved me, because looking at the dashboard there was a rapid amount of interest in the site over the weekend and this reached a rapid peak at some obscure hour on Sunday night/MOnday morning. Who knows? I just think “I wonder why I am still here” as eve two weeks before I was brought down 5 times on one week during my rebuild. but now since not having a login. Not gone or attacked. Hmm!! We live in interesting times.

    So the After Atos Assessment “Customer” Feedback Survey is up and running again. so let it be known Anonymous and confidential. see results, access your own pdf or ask for Powerpoint slides to be sent you can use yourself and slip your own added images and personal testimonies in. The fact is what will give the little fishy a smack. That and a good walloping with a rolling pin and 4lb mallet.

    Aunty AA

  19. I think ATOS if they follow their current course of action will shoot therselfs in the foot, to the DWP they are expendable the govt will not want the fallout they will just contract another company.
    so ATOS please bring more atention to yourselfs by launching libel cases and threaten websites when they are in fact not justified the truth always gets out.
    I personaly will be there to provide evidence of the lies they have told I have the paperwork and so does my MP, as I didn’t appeal he was so shocked he got it sorted with the DWP I am terminally ill and severly disabled but a return to work can be expected in 18months, I sure hope I am still around then as that is the same survival time off my illness part of my brain was amputated but the ATOS report said affected? when I clearly stated amputated If I was ATOS I would question how competant my docs were.

  20. Totally agree with everyone here, except from the rather strange irrelevant comment by ‘Username’, who seems to be on a different planet somewhere grinding a nonsensical axe of their own.

    Anyway, its really great that so many people are motivated to fight this company, especially when I imagine most of us find it an extra struggle through impairment or lack of stamina caused by illness.

    I agree with Caroline above that the DWP are complicit in this persecution of the sick and disabled, and share the worries that some have expressed that, should Atos go, they will simply shoehorn in another compliant company to continue their dirty work.

    When you assess all the factors, including the way that the insurance firm Unum have been allowed to manipulate the course of our welfare reforms to their own anticipated profitable ends the picture becomes very grim indeed. In my opinion a scandal no less shocking than that of Murdoch and the government.

    1. i actually think DWP may have deliberately and from the outset, have placed ATOSsers as scapegoat for when the shit hits the fan

  21. Thw fact that ATOS want to silence their critics, instead of answering the allegations, says it all…if they are not behaving unprofessionally/unethically , stand up to criticism, no?

  22. I find it unbelievable that this private company can over ride the diagnosis of a doctor. I mean, if my doctor, who spent years at medical school and years in the job, chooses to give me a medical certficate and Atos over ride it, then surely this casts doubt on his judgement..and therefore every doctor in the country?

    Presumably if my doctor then decides I need emergency open heart surgery then we are not too far away from Atos being able to decide that this is also an ‘error of judgement’ and over rule that on the grounds of economics. Its a disgrace! The sooner a ‘class action’ is taken against this company the better…then we can sort it all out in the courts…fees/profits/motivation etc etc

    Ultimately the power of life and death is in the hands of a ‘for profit’ private company (not even British!)…and that ain’t right. Next step is them deciding on compulsory euthanasia on economic grounds!!

    1. yes it is all a total insult to the credability of the judgement of GPs. I am not sure why they are not up in arms.

  23. Cheers Sasha for doing the graffiti, you hero, you’ve inspired me to go and do the same on the wall of my local assessment centre run by the “hay tossers”. Sorry to be so brief but I need to send in my ESA50, why is the return address an office belonging to this disability denial factory, surely the DWP DM ought to get this form first and decide if I need a face-to-face whereas the hay tossers get first call and naturally they’ll call me up because they profit.

  24. I will be sending this to the legal department at ATOSsers.

    It has come to my notice that you are threatening legal action over certain private web sites.
    Were I your company I would be extremely reticent to initiate ideas about legal action taking place.
    There are a growing number of people for whom your company has written reports that are: false and detrimental to both their health and livelihood. (As has been indicated legally by Tribunals). Corporate proceedings for compensation against you must be becoming increasingly likely. For the families whose loved ones have died as a result of your inability to make trustworthy health assessments this could involve very large sums.

    This is advice, you can take it or ignore it at your own discretion.

  25. This is a clear sign we are winning. They are scared of their shareholders getting spooked. If I had shares in this company I would most definitely be bailing out right now.

  26. Below is a message I’ve sent to my local MP.

    I have become aware this week of information connected to my Incapacity Benefit medical assessment that raises serious concerns regarding the methodology used.

    In the contract between ATOS Healthcare and the DWP it clearly states a requirement for a specialist medical for musculo-skeletal disorders, my assessment did not seek opinion from my specialist or any other musculo-skeletal specialist. Because of their failure I have been left on income support at reduced rate, this has left me in extreme fuel poverty as over 30% of my income goes on paying for energy.

    ATOS healthcare are paid £100 million a year to assess IB and other benefit claimants, as 70% of appeals that have representation win their appeals it’s obvious that the system is flawed. This must add to the costs incurred by the taxpayer as appeals usually have three people considering the appeal together with a secretary who takes notes and other people employed in the building where the appeal takes place, one recent report said appeals this year had cost the taxpayer £30 million on top of the cost of the flawed medicals.

    Can you tell me why ATOS healthcare are exempt from responsibility for their professional opinion, why has no doctor from ATOS ever been investigated by the General Medical Council? ATOS Healthcare breach their contract with the DWP at will as there is no clinical supervision, no monitoring, no one to prevent what is happening and no one to care. The GMC insist that all doctors have a duty of care for anyone they examine, yet ATOS healthcare professionals do not have a duty of care.

    Why do the people carrying out the assessment have no access to the patients detailed medical history at the interview? ATOS Healthcare seems to be totally unaccountable for all medical examinations, all the usual patient safety networks in place for NHS and private healthcare do not apply. According to the GMC and the Healthcare commission ATOS Healthcare as a company have total immunity from all medical regulation.

    There is well documented evidence that company doctors have expressed concern that patient health/fitness is assessed using a computer tick questionnaire which takes up almost all of the 25 minute allotted time with a customer leaving little if any time for a proper clinical examination. This might explain why 50% of unrepresented appeals and 70% of represented appeals are successful, the flawed test results in additional costs for the taxpayer.

    The Government have ignored successive annual government reports by HH Judge Robert Martin who as President of the Appeals Tribunals has identified serious concerns with the medical reports from ATOS Healthcare, Judge Martin reported concern at overwhelming evidence that DWP Decision Makers refuse to believe the claimants. Tribunal Chairs express constant concerns that medical reports from ATOS Healthcare do not coincide with reality.

    ATOS Healthcare is running disability denial factories in the UK, they are funded by the DWP at considerable cost to the taxpayer, chronically sick and disabled patients have no protection or safeguards. There are contless numbers of distressing stories available of genuine patients being traumatised following a vist to these government funded assessment centres where little medical examination takes place apart from a seriously flawed tick test.

    The permitted activities of this private contractor are dangerous and without medical supervision, this leaves the chronically sick and disabled people of this nation in jeopardy. It’s not enough that these victims endure such shocking treatment by ATOS Healthcare but they are also placed under intolerable additional pressure with the threat of their financial support being removed.

    The manager of the DWP CMMS department has confirmed in writing to a dying man that the DWP has never audited or monitored the contract between the DWP and ATOS Healthcare, this is contrary to the claims of successive ministers. Mr B Hilary Brierley confirmed that “the Department has not exercised its contractual right to access for purposes for auditing ATOS Healthcares compliance with it’s contractual obligations”.

    The only monitoring undertaken by the DWP and ATOS Healthcare is to check the paperwork and targets, there has been no clinical evaluation of the medical reports or the individuals preparing them.

    An Independent Review of the Work Capability Assessment, headed by Professor Malcolm Harrington, was published on 23rd November 2010. The Professor confirmed unacceptable and limited activity by the Decision Makers, who fail to consider all presented medical evidence, and confirm anything presented by an ATOS Healthcare assessment. This is in breach of the contract as exposed in this full research report, originally completed in June 2010.

    It’s not just Incapacity Benefit claimants that it affects, the really shocking thing is the refusal to investigate. If anything the way it’s run is not dissimilar to the inquisition with presumption of guilt, gossip acceptable, no right to a lawyer (in ATOS’s case medical evidence), and like the inquisitors ATOS have been granted enormous powers and immunity to punish the chronically sick & disabled.

    To top it all they are also clamping down on free speech, they made the BBC remove one story and the BEEB have avoided mentioning them since.

  27. could the dwp or atos be taken to court as they contradict my doctor by saying i am fit for work or should i sue my doctor for putting me on medication that atos say i don,t need ,there by confusing me greatly and making my mental health worse ,in effect someone like myself who has always trusted the goverment and doctors now does not trust the goverment at all iam fine with doctor as i know iam ill i think so the confusion all this brings about is also making me paraniod , am i culpable for this deteriation in my health

  28. My wife is severely disabled & just had a letter saying she can start going to work support groups so she can go back to work. What a joke. My wife is still waiting a decision on what they are going to do with her medically by 2 different consultants. She is at her worst now then ever before disability wise. The ATOS assessor who came for a home visit would not even assess my wife’s condition properly because he could see what pain she was in but she is ready to go back to work. She also has very bad depression aswell & other medical conditions. We had to get a letter from her GP to give to the ATOS assessor they do not go to your doctor & ask for the notes anymore. Her GP & both consultants have said there is no way she can work ever again. So yes ATOS are going by the quotas they have to meet by the government they do not give a dam about the patients at all or their concerns at all there is no care there at all. They are a total joke as well as the DWP & the government to. Now they are getting websites taken off because people are telling the truth about them. They reckon they do not want there good reputation harmed, what good reputation? Buck your ideas up government and get them kicked out back to France.

  29. i have very severe emphysema with only 25% of my lungs left, i was deemed fit for work after my medical, the letter stating that gave my answers as totally different to what id said in the atos interview and that was with a witness too!

  30. I think we should now keep hitting them harder but then again its probably David Cameron and his cronies yhat own it