Anonymous Outs Neo-Nazi Site Members

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Anonymous Germany has launched a website to out neo-nazi site members as part of operation blitzkrieg

Anarchist Hacker group Anonymous has launched a website to out neo-Nazi sympathisers and website members.

This forms part of the group’s Operation Blitzkrieg campaign aimed at neo-Nazi and National Scoialist websites and organisations.


The website, currently reveals member details for 11 websites affiliated to the ideology, including names and physical addresses for members of the UK-based skinhead website, Blood and Honour, as well as names and email addresses for members of the Whites only social networking site, AryansBook – a site almost identical in appearance to Facebook, apart from the offensive and disturbing disclaimer on its front page.

Other leaked data includes membership lists of right-wing online stores, hacked data from the American Nazi Party, as well as membership details of the Junge Freiheit newspaper website.

As part of the operation, Anonymous also claims to have shut down various websites,  including 15 websites associated with the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD), according to German news site, The Local.

The NPD is considering legal action against, while the publishers of  Junge Freiheit have already launched a legal suit against the site’s “anonymous operators”, according to German newswire DPA.

Last year, Anonymous exposed  at least two Finnish politicians from True Finns political party. when it hacked neo-Nazi site, Suomen Kansallinen Vastarinta (SKV) and published its membership list.


  1. Very public spirited,but why stop there,lets have an outing of communists and their sympathisers.
    The twentieth century saw two vile ideas try to outdo each other with murder and crimes so awful your head aches just thinking about them.
    Why then do the Nazis get pilloried and the communists get treated like good ‘ol boys?
    Can you imagine what would happen to Ed Milliband if his Father were found to be an apologist of nazism, instead of a vocal and enthusiastic supporter of communism?
    so Anonymous you want to make a name for yourselves,then summon up some courage and dont cherry pick,or you could always pick up a shovel and try working.