Mobile technology has not only changed the way we communicate with each other, mobile devices are redefining our way of life and the way we do business. In fact, mobility is fundamental to the way we work, play and live. Mobility isn’t some other realm we leave normal life to enter; it is normal life.

Today, Enterprise Mobility is more than just BYOD!

Real mobility is about tangibly enhancing productivity without compromising security. Today’s CIO priorities of enterprise security and end-user productivity can often be competing goals. You shouldn’t have to choose between them. Too often still, increasing mobility means new problems: strange devices on your doorsteps, corporate files wandering the cloud, and users demanding the complete office infrastructure on every device. Novell understands these issues.

Leverage your current IT infrastructure and build on it

Meeting your organization’s needs for secure and productive user mobility requires a multi-faceted approach—one that includes letting users access and work on files from anywhere, print easily to any printer from any location and manage whatever devices they choose to use to perform those tasks. Leveraging your existing infrastructure, Novell covers everything from mobile device management to printing and file sharing on the go.

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Cloud file hosting services make file access easy, but they let your files, and your intellectual property, run wild. Novell Filr gives your users file access and sharing on any mobile device. More importantly, it lets you leverage your existing firewalls and access rights to keep your organization secure. Give your users modern file access ease while you keep your files in their place.



Once you have mobile files on well-managed devices, giving users familiar tools like printing is the next step towards a complete mobile solution. The new Novell iPrint helps your users print from any device to any network printer by using email, AirPrint and other wireless technologies to unlock your organization’s printers. From the tablet fanatic to the team player to the always wired worker, Novell iPrint lets your people print wherever they wander.


Mobile Productivity is a multi-faceted opportunity – let your existing infrastructure deliver on it 

The introduction of enterprise mobility to the IT environment is about much more than just facilitating BYOD. It’s about tangibly enhancing productivity without compromising security.

Join the Mobile Life Tour and learn how you can leverage your existing infrastructure effectively to make it work for you in a mobile context.

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