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  1. Man in the Krowd
    Feb 21 - 12:54 pm

    The privacy brigade has it right – pseudonymous data can be de-anonymised as soon as its either”

    with other data from other pseudonymous sources. In fact as has been shown in several anonymised data disclosures by the UK government already, pseudonymous data hardly exists as the ability to de-anonymise is as easy as anonymising in a high % of cases.

    Add in that there is no such thing as absolute security – and the hackers will love the legal access to multiple sets of pseudonymous data and the wealth de-anonymised data they can then create access to thereby.

    the ‘right to delete’ is another unalienable right – and we undermine our very psyche by not facilitating it. Not all cultural changes are good…and these ‘data brokering’ companies like Yahoo and Facebook have only 1 interest in mind – their shareholders – the damage they do on the way is really of no concern to them.

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