RedHorse Looks To SMBs With Analytics Platform

RedHorse Systems is offering SMBs a business analytic tool thanks to its newly upgraded CRM platform

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RedHorse Systems has upgraded its customer relationship management (CRM) platform, to give small to medium-size businesses access to enhanced business analytics.

The upgraded CRM platform contains new Dashboard features that give small business owners a picture of how their business is doing.

The new graphical view of business information is apparently intuitive, making it easier for small business owners to evaluate their business and see where attention needs to be paid.

Speed Increase

The upgrade also adds flexibility to automated workflow, now permitting modifications to strategies already under way, and entry into a business process at multiple points. As part of the upgrade, RedHorse Systems has increased the speed of the system. The Dashboard can display analytical information on any data present in the database, and the design can be modified to uniquely suit the business.

“Why print reports when the Dashboard not only can show the owner a graphical view of their business, but also allows them to drill down into the details right from the Dashboard?” said Connie Koch, founder of RedHorse. “With today’s introduction of RedHorse CRM v4.0, business analytics are now affordable to small businesses.”

Koch said RedHorse’s on-premises CRM is an alternative to cloud-based systems, where ownership of the data can sometimes be an issue. Using SQL Express (free), RedHorse CRM offers a range of automatic workflow functions, using an independent workflow engine/manager to permit continuous operation even if RedHorse is not running. It does so by using a Windows service. “In some CRM systems, slow response has been a problem for small business users. We made speed a priority,” said Koch.

Reseller Channel

RedHorse CRM adopters can also benefit from the trained reseller channel that is available to support purchasers. The resellers are there to help determine the businesses needs, configuring the software to match their business processes.

David Brydson of BestFit Solutions, a RedHorse VAR, talked about the technical expertise issue with purchasers.

“Prospective buyers of CRM systems like RedHorse sometimes think they can install and configure their own CRM. However, the complexity of SQL Server and business automation scripting are generally outside the skill set of most business owners,” he said. “The business owner knows how they want their business to run, and can really benefit from a reseller who has mastered the intricacies of tailoring a CRM system to match their specific business processes. A VAR can do it in less time and at lower cost than if they tried it themselves.”

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