New iPhone Set For 10 September Launch

The new iPhone is arriving next week, much to the delight, or chagrin, of many an onlooker

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The next iPhone should launch a week today, as an invite has been sent around to media for 10 September.

The launch will kick off at 6pm GMT and the invite notes the event “should brighten up everyone’s day”. Some have suggested this hints Apple will launch the latest phones in various colours.

iphone5_sidebarJust another iPhone launch

Many are convinced it will be called the iPhone 5S, given there was a 4S rather than a 5 after the launch of the 4. Needless to say, this is all very, very exciting for Apple lovers, who can look forward to lining up outside Apple Stores across the world on 20 September, when the device is rumoured to launch.

Rumoured features include a fingerprint reader and a better camera.

Fanbois might not be so delighted that Apple is expected to lower itself to the mid-range market with an iPhone 5C.

But Apple is hoping to lift its profits again, after a little dip recently, and given its iPhone remains insanely popular amongst hipsters and bankers alike, it can expect a jump next time results day comes around.

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