Fresh Firefox OS Screenshots Released

Another week – another batch of Firefox OS screenshots

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It used to be called Boot To Gecko. Now, the mobile OS from Mozilla has a new, more familiar name and the release date is fast approaching.

Chaos of development

Firefox OS is Linux-based, but will rely on apps written in HTML5. And TechWeekEurope has yet more pictures of what it will look like.

We have been told by an official source that these are the “latest” screenshots. But a trained eye will spot that we already posted one of them last month, shortly before Mozilla told us that the whole set was out of date. Nevertheless, here’s the latest batch fresh from Firefox HQ:


This looks like the software which was running on the Telefonica prototype last month, giving us a good idea of what the eventual product will look like. Yet as TechWeekEurope was told, the images shouldn’t be seen as a representation of the final product.

According to Tristan Nitot, founder and president of Mozilla Europe, even native applications in Firefox OS, such as the dialer or address book, are written in HTML5, and users will be able to examine the source code to check it.

“We want to attract hundreds of thousands of web developers [to work] on Firefox OS,” says Nitot.

The first smartphones equipped with the operating system will launch commercially in Brazil in early 2013, on Telefonica’s Vivo brand. They will be manufactured by Chinese companies TCL and ZTE.

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