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iPad Mini Prices ‘Leaked’

According to a German blogger, the cheapest iPad ever will cost £201

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An unconfirmed report from a German blogger has revealed pricing for the rumoured Apple tablet popularly known as the ‘iPad Mini’, expected to be launched on 23 October.

According to a picture of the shop inventory of a German electronics retailer, the European prices for Apple’s latest gadget will start at €249 (£201) and go all the way up to €649 (£524) for a model with 64GB of memory and 3G connectivity.

It is thought that the smaller form-factor and cheaper price of the tablet will help it compete against e-readers, such as Amazon’s successful Kindle series.

Mini price

Rumours that Apple will be shrinking the iPad began circulating in April, after Taiwanese media reported that Pegatron and Foxconn had been contracted to produce six million as yet unnamed devices. While some analysts doubted that releasing a miniature tablet would be Apple’s style, others instantly saw the benefits it would create for the company.

It was previously reported that the iPad Mini will only feature Wi-Fi connectivity, but this assumption has been countered by the latest leak.

According to the new information, the iPad Mini will be released in eight different configurations and two traditional colours – black and white. The cheapest model, with 8GB of memory and no 3G connectivity, will retail for €249 (£201). Customers will have to pay an extra €100 (£80) to bring the amount of memory up to 16GB.

Overall, it seems that Apple has decided to charge users €100 every time it doubles the memory. So a Wi-Fi only tablet with 32GB of memory would cost €449 (£362), and 64GB – €549 (£443), if the blog is to be believed.

The basic 3G version of the device will cost €349, €449 for a 16 GB model, €549 for 32GB model and €649 for 64GB.

None of these details, including the ‘iPad Mini’ name, have been confirmed by Apple.

Microsoft will be releasing its Surface tablet at the same time as Windows 8, just two days after the Apple event. Another competitor, Google, could be ready to release a 3G version of its budget-friendly Nexus 7 tablet in the ‘next six weeks‘.

Meanwhile, Samsung has confirmed that it will release a four-inch version of its Galaxy S III smartphone, to compete with the iPhone 5.

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4 replies to iPad Mini Prices ‘Leaked’

  • On October 15, 2012 at 9:48 pm by Danny

    Ha i cant wait to go to a starbucks and see a guy with his macbook,iphone 5, and his ipad mini, and his regular sized ipad

  • On October 15, 2012 at 10:01 pm by connor

    Well this is clearly rubbish, it won’t start at £201 because the starting price of an iPod touch is £249, so logic means that that would make no sense, as the iPad mini would cost more to build than the ipod touch

    • On October 16, 2012 at 9:10 am by Colin

      Agree with ‘connor’, a price crash for the ipod touch?

  • On October 27, 2012 at 4:22 pm by iPad Mini Deals

    i think it’s too much, nexus 7 is only £200

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