Google Adwords Business Credit Card

Google AdWords Business Credit Card To Launch In UK

UK businesses can pay for advertising with the Google AdWords Business Credit Card – but nothing else

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Google is launching a new credit card service for small businesses in the UK – but it can only be used to purchase adverts through the Google AdWords service.

The search giant has teamed up with Barclaycard and MasterCard to make the Google AdWords Business Credit Card available to businesses from today, but it will be rejected if it is used for any other purpose.

UK businesses will be offered an 11.9 percent representative APR, a minimum credit limit of £500 and no annual charge. It can also be used with more than one AdWords account.

Google AdWords business credit card

The scheme was first launched as a pilot in the US last year and Google announced that this would be extended.

“Small business owners are used to being pressed: for resources, for time, and especially for credit,” explained Brent Callinicos, vice president treasurer at Google. “Juggling expenses across different credit cards and managing seasonal business spikes and valleys doesn’t leave much room for other spending, like investing in a new oven at a pizzeria or treating a great customer to dinner.”

More than 1400 businesses from a variety of industries participated in the pilot and Google said that feedback was “overwhelmingly positive.” A survey found that 74 percent of respondents said they now use Adwords Business Credit as their primary form of AdWords payment.

The majority of Google’s revenue comes through the sale of advertising, but it has recently come under fire for displaying ads that link to counterfeit goods or websites spreading malware. Google has promised to better monitor the type of advertisement that is displayed alongside search results.

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