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DataDirect Adds Intelligence To Hybrid Flash Storage

DataDirect’s SFA7700 supports both NAND flash and spinning disk storage volumes, with the ability to ‘anticipate and optimise’ workloads

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DataDirect Networks on 9 November launched a new hybrid flash storage appliance that it claims is the first with the ability to “anticipate and optimise” the workloads of big data-intensive applications.

These workloads can entail such complicated applications as computational simulation, government intelligence and business and research analytics.

Flash and disk

Like many new-gen enterprise storage devices, DataDirect’s SFA7700 supports both NAND flash and spinning disk storage volumes in the same enclosure.

abstract processor © Edelweiss - Fotolia.comThe company uses its new Storage Fusion Xcelerator software to integrate intelligence into the hybrid drive, which then assigns the most effective storage media to the application according to the needs of the workload.

DataDirect’s Storage Fusion Xcelerator portfolio of Flash acceleration tools includes:

  • SFX Read: Read caching to accelerate frequently accessed data

  • SFX Write: Accelerate writes while cost-reducing SSD protection
  • SFX: Instant Commit: Automatic cache warming of recent writes
  • SFX Context Commit: Application-driven intelligent data caching
  • DirectMon: DDN’s enterprise management and monitoring product suite, which provides one pane of glass for ease of management
  • DirectProtect: A self-healing engine and data integrity protection suite
  • ReACT: Real-time adaptive RAM cache management

Sunnyvale, California-based DataDirect positions the SFA7700 appliance to serve as an entry-level system for organisations with big-data storage needs. Users can start small with 60 SSDs and/or HDDs in a 4U rack for a maximum capacity of 240TBs.

The appliance is expandable to up to 396 disks in 20U rack for a maximum capacity of 960TBs, the company said.

The SFA7700 will be available in early 2013 directly through DDN and via DDN’s PartnerLink channel community. Pricing information is not available at this time. More information is available here.

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