November 29, 2013

Internet Retailing Expo 2014, NEC, Birmingham

IRX is retailers’ opportunity to look, listen and compare the full range of innovative products and solutions for online and multichannel retailing.

It is aimed at the progressive retail business industry and is changing the landscape of how you, the retailer, interacts with the consumer through the multichannel shopping experience. IRX is rich in relevant content, sourcing and fact-finding intelligence providing an experience for you that is profitable, enjoyable and a valuable day out in the office.

E&P Information and Data Management conference

Now in its 16th year, the 2014 conference will provide attendees with a complete update of the industry as it stands today. Focusing on data governance and ownership, cloud computing, knowledge transfers, data formats, big data and standards, this informative event will bring together key oil and gas companies to deliver presentations based on their experiences, problems and solutions.