Major Pivotal Big Data Suite Upgrades Designed To Improve Analytical Performance

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Pivotal Big Data Suite accelerates digital transformation with upgraded Apache Hadoop distribution and next generation analytical performance

Pivotal, a specialist in software for cloud-based analytics apps, today at EMC World announced significant updates to its .

This includes major upgrades to its enterprise-grade Pivotal HD Apache Hadoop distribution, and up to 100x performance improvements for its analytic solutions, including Pivotal Greenplum Database, which is said to come with the “most advanced, cost-based, Pivotal Query Optimizer for big data”.

Ballooning data sets


These advancements are designed to help customers manage ballooning data sets driven by mobile, cloud, social and the Internet of Things, and to tackle the most complex queries across these data sets at unprecedented speed, scale, and flexibility.

Mastering big data, agile methodologies, and cloud native applications are key elements to digital transformation for modern enterprises. Anchored in open-source software and based upon a subscription model, Pivotal Big Data Suite delivers modern software designed to scale up and support new and existing approaches to data architectures. In a single suite, Pivotal provides all of the data processing, analytics, and application capabilities to help enterprises gain better insights and create better user experiences, with the stability and security they require.

data analyticsPivotal Big Data Suite delivers the first version of Pivotal HD based on an Open Data Platform (ODP) core and includes major updates to Apache Hadoop components, including Apache Spark. The suite is designed to provide customers with better stability, management, security, monitoring, and data processing capabilities in the Hadoop stack. This allows enterprises to off-load more business-critical workloads to Hadoop, to store and process large volumes of data at lower costs and in way that is compliant with policies and regulations.

Pivotal Big Data Suite aims to allow companies to modernise their data infrastructure, discover more insights with advanced analytics and build applications at scale with a number of data products available to them at one subscription price. It includes recently announced application services that give developers the ability to leverage SQL and NoSQL databases, in-memory processing, and real-time environments to ensure high availability and resilience of strategic innovative apps. Suite components can be deployed on commodity hardware, pre-certified appliances, virtualised and private cloud instances, and in public clouds.

Sundeep Madra, vice preside, Data Product Group, Pivotal, said: “As the cost of computing declines and connectivity becomes ubiquitous, enterprises will be challenged not only by the deluge of data created by applications and customer interactions, but from the billions of devices joining their networks. Pivotal’s continued investments in Big Data Suite allows enterprises to create true business impact by enabling apps that scale, analytics that predict behavior and prescribe actions and lastly, a realistic solution to their digital transformation aspirations.”

Zhang Min, vice president, CITIC Bank, said: “As a long time Greenplum customer, we are excited to see Pivotal’s continued investment in the Greenplum Database. While the current product performs well, the new features will shorten the cycles of innovation by enabling complex queries on large data sets and bringing analytics closer to big data ”

Sergey Sotnichenko, head of Data Warehousing and Reporting, Tinkoff Bank, commented: “Pivotal Greenplum Database’s new features are expected to maximize the utilization of our hardware resources and provide better performance for complex queries on big data. This could enable us to shorten the time it takes to gain meaningful and trustworthy business insights and quickly act on them using existing assets.”

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