Netflix TV

Netflix mulls price increase: its revenue and subscribers are increasing US ISPs are charging it for bandwidth

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dell oliver campbell wheat straw packaging

Wheat straw packing protects Dell laptops, saves waste and cuts air pollution in China

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TfL and operators reportedly hold talks about letting passengers use their NFC smartphones to pay for their travel

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Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner quits GitHub, even though an independent investigation clears his name

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apple abstract grass green © leksustuss -

Apple outlines environmental vision, promising free recycling for all iPhones, iPads and Macs, with the prospect of a gift card as a reward

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German staff at the online retail giant Amazon are to strike again over a long-running pay dispute

Microsoft releases Office 365 Personal – a less expensive subscription aimed at individual users

Microsoft offers a new Azure service for the Internet of Things, regardless of underlying operating system

Open Source

Canonical touts the new release of Ubuntu Linux as a great alternative to replace Windows XP

AMD demonstrates its upcoming next-generation Opteron X APU server running Fedora Linux

CEO of the bitcoin exchange Mark Karpeles has been replaced by court-appointed provisional administrator