The world’s largest package-shipping company says it found malware at 51 retail outlets in the US
Virgin Media Double Your Speed campaign, shot in Kingston Jamaica with Usain Bolt and Richard Branson 26+27/11/11 photographed by Tom Oldham
Is Virgin Media trying to push its broadband-only customers onto one of its bundled services, after it raises its monthly tarrif?
Flag Day 2
The participants will have to protect networks against a fictional cyber-terrorist group called the Flag Day Associates
HyperCat wants to link together various connectivity standards for the Internet of Things
Energy, Power Plant, Infrastructure© TonyV3112 Shutterstock 2012

Smart power networks will rely on local generation and distributed storage

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Intel announces a partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, uses smartwatches to track symptoms of the incurable disease

Look Mum, no hands! Now, engineers at Kroll Ontrack don’t require physical access to a damaged drive to undertake data recovery

Sage 50 Accounts gets a new interface, Sage Drive support, two mobile apps and a subscription model

Open Source

Bitcoins could be about to accepted by Braintree, an eBay-owned PayPal subsidiary

SIlent Circle doubts whether the hack could take place in the wild, but still thanks ‘Justin Case’ for his contribution to the security of the platform

Two data solutions from the UK win the first round of Tata Communications’ F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize, which aims to solve the sport’s technological challenges