Emmental Cheese

Cyber criminal gang devises a new, complex method of hijacking SMS to steal money

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The Cloud (c) Melpomene, Shutterstock 2013

Big Blue adds some go-faster communications tech to its SoftLayer Cloud platform for speedy data transfers

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ICTomorrow 1

The Technology Strategy Board explains how IC tomorrow's government funded contests and networking events help UK startups get to market

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Young man in handcuffs - copyright Fotolia

Two arrests made in London as police swoop on international gang that defrauded eBay's online ticketing service

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Zuckerberg Fa$ebook Facebook

Facebook reveals stunning financial results, as returns from mobile advertising reaches new heights

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Satya Nadella ends Microsoft staff uncertainty with confirmation that 14 percent of the workforce will lose their jobs

VMware forms cloud computing partnership with China Telecom, despite official hostility to Western firms

Box says it’s not selling storage, it’s selling a platform and that Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Outlook integration will help prove it

Open Source

The British government switches to the ODF document format, but Microsoft is not happy

The random number generator in the library that’s meant to replace OpenSSL was not really random

Big players commit to Google’s Kubernetes scheme for open source container management, taking virtualisation up a level