Green Datacentre featured

Microsoft teams up with Texan university to explore green ways to meet data centre energy needs

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A teardown of Samsung's latest flagship smartphone reveals costly high-end components

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AMD's profitable run comes to an end, but the chipmaker still grew thanks to strong game console sales

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Thanks to the UHS-II standard, new miniature cards can read data at 260MBps

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Nokia Lumia 2520 Charger

UK and European Nokia Lumia 2520 charger could give users an electric shock

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German staff at the online retail giant Amazon are to strike again over a long-running pay dispute

Microsoft releases Office 365 Personal – a less expensive subscription aimed at individual users

Microsoft offers a new Azure service for the Internet of Things, regardless of underlying operating system

Open Source

CEO of the bitcoin exchange Mark Karpeles has been replaced by court-appointed provisional administrator

Samsung executive reveals more on Tizen plans and how a twin-operating system strategy will work

The latest Coverity Scan Open Source Report suggests that the quality of programming in free C and C++ projects is improving