Healthcare, hospital © rangizzz, Shutterstock 2014
Cognizant acquires TriZetto in an effort to expand and grow its healthcare operation
Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro
Evidence mounts that Microsoft will port Cortana from Windows Phone 8.1 to its next PC operating system
Eye spy surveillance security, biometric retina iris © agsandrew Shutterstock
Amid concern over government Internet surveillance, user data requests have continued to rise
IBM Watson 2
IBM's Watson artificial intelligence technology is now being used to bring predictive analytics to the masses
Fibre optic quantum cryptography light © asharkyu Shutterstock
Virgin Media lays fibre in Cambridgeshire village using new technique

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GSMA predicts low cost smartphones and increased availability of LTE will fuel smartphone demand

OX Guard, part of the OX App Suite, helps users protect their messages with a single click

New Samsung Gear S hopes direct voice calls and SMS will fend off the threat from the iWatch