A social network developed during telepresence meetings is fighting for the $50,000 Innovation prize

HP Logo on server rack door Peter Judge

HP gives the mainframe-oriented operating system OpenVMS, a new lease of life

Mobile payments, money, pounds, smartphone © Stuart Miles Shutterstock 2012

All bets are off, as criminals fleece Paddy Power of its customer records - four years ago

USB storage flash drive secret lock key © luchschen Shutterstock

The security of USB devices is fundamental broken by a hack that cannot be detected, warns researchers


AMD offers its Seattle ARM-based server chips to the developer community

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Hewlett-Packard makes a significant investment in the Hadoop distribution vendor Hortonworks

Big Blue adds some go-faster communications tech to its SoftLayer Cloud platform for speedy data transfers

Two arrests made in London as police swoop on international gang that defrauded eBay’s online ticketing service

Open Source

Samsung profit falls, as research suggests Android is on the verge of turning smartphone platforms into a one-horse race

Mozilla resolves its leadership troubles as interim CEO Chris Beard is appointed permanent chief exec

Fresh doubts about the future of Tizen are raised by latest delay, which Samsung says is to allow for the development of the operating system’s ecosystem