HP and VMware-owned AirWatch team up to help businesses deal with mobility issues
SAP HQ Waldorf
The German software giant expects lower profits as it invests in cloud operations
BBC Broadcasting House
Stories were removed by Google under the EU's controversial 'Right to be Forgotten' law
Troll in disguise (square) © Wth1 Shutterstock 2012
Offenders could now face up to two years in jail, justice secretary Chris Grayling says
Mobile telecommunications company’s personalised data-driven marketing approach is increasing revenue while delivering unique customer experiences

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The company rolls out the latest phase of its IOx platform, which lets businesses to run applications at the edge of the network

SAP opens its Hana platform to potential new customers with its arrival on Big Blue’s Cloud

VMware says new platform will allow businesses to cope with the Bring Your Own Laptop phenomenon by supporting all types of device

Open Source

Neelie Kroes’ reign as head of the EC’s Digital Agenda is ending soon, but how much do you know about her time in charge?

IoT opportunities were “an underpinning factor” in bringing the two companies together, says company head

Google launches its open source Physical Web standard, that aims to open up interaction with different devices